Paintings by Winston Churchill
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Winston Churchill’s paintings star in an exhibit on the Queen Mary

Duncan Sandys, left, great-grandson of Sir Winston Churchill, and Commodore Everett Hoard hold up a painting done by Churchill titled “Coast Scene Near Marseilles,” a 1930s  oil on canvas. This and other paintings will be on exhibit at an art gallery aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach. A total of 10 paintings done by Churchill will be included in the exhibit running from May 27 to Dec. 31, 2016.

 (Mel Melcon / Los Angeles Times)

Prime Minister Winston Churchill. with wife  Clementine,  gives the ‘V’ sign in reply to troops from the Royal Navy as they cheer him aboard  the Queen Mary in  1943.

 ( Major Horton / IWM via Getty Images)

“Avenue at Frinton-on-Sea, Essex, with Diana Churchlll,” circa 1922 oil on canvas.


 (Coombs 276 / Churchill Heritage Ltd.)

“Coast Scene Near Marseilles,” 1930s. Oil on board.


 (Coombs 334 / Churchill Heritage Ltd.)

“On the Var,” 1935, oil on canvas.


 (Coombs 357 / Churchill Heritage Ltd.)

“Lake Near Breccles,” 1930s, oil on canvas.


 (Coombs 372 / Churchill Heritage Ltd.)

“Marrakesh,” 1947, oil on canvas.


 (Coombs 429 / Churchill Heritage Ltd.)

“Boats at Cannes Harbor,” 1937, oil on canvas.


 (Coombs 300 / Churchill Heritage Ltd.)

“Firth of Forth,” 1925, oil on canvas.


 (Coombs 136 / Churchill Heritage Ltd.)