U.K. artist creates a pixilated portrait using Xbox Kinect

Up close, Luke Jerram’s new piece appears out of focus.

The U.K.-based artist created a three-dimensional pixilated portrait of his daughter using an Xbox Kinect, aluminum sheets and more than 5,000 colored stickers.

From a distance “Maya,” which stands at a British train station, looks like a child alone absorbed in her phone.

Upon getting closer, viewers find a picture split into many cubes of color.

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Jerram, who is colorblind, said on his website that the piece stems from “visual perception and optical illusions,” and how our lives are continually photographed and shared online.

The piece was created with a Xbox Kinect scan of his daughter. A model was crafted from waterjet cut sheets of aluminum, and then 5,000 stickers were applied.


Jerram has played with perception before. The artist brought deadly disease into focus by casting viruses and bacteria -- including HIV, smallpox and malaria -- as intricate glass sculptures.


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