Shepard Fairey
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Artist Shepard Fairey

“Obey Middle East Mural” (2009) is in the Boston Institute of Contemporary Art’s exhibition “Shepard Fairey: Supply and Demand.” (John Kennard / Obey Giant Art)
“Obey Icon Pole” (2008) is a refinement of Fairey’s 1989 “Obey Giant” street-art project. (Obey Giant Art)
The graphic designer’s use of an Associated Press photograph for his widely seen “Obama Hope” (2008) generated a lawsuit. (Obey Giant Art)
“Two Sides of Capitalism: Bad” (2007/08) is one of Fairey’s enormous new works on the theme of money and power. (Jonathan LeVine Gallery)
“Portrait of the Artist (Tupac),” a tribute to the late rapper Tupac Shakur, is one of nearly 250 works in the show. (Obey Giant Art)
“Gigante” (1997) is another example of Shepard Fairey’s signature style. (Obey Giant Art)
“Obey Andy Warhol” (2004). (Obey Giant Art)
“Obey Angela Davis” (2005). (Obey Giant Art)