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Asian photos at the Getty Museum

The J. Paul Getty Museum, known for its holdings of Western art, is moving its focus to the East with its photography collection. Among recent acquisitions is “Subway” (1975) by South Korean photographer Soon Tae Hong, whose works document urban life. (J. Paul Getty Museum)
In expanding its Asian photography collection, the Getty is following its customary practice of acquiring several works by an artist. Here is Soon Tae Hong’s “New World Department Store” (1968). (J. Paul Getty Museum)
Scenes of modern Tokyo by Shigeichi Nagano include “Tokyo, Sakuragaoka, Shibuya Ward” (1992). (J. Paul Getty Museum)
Hai Bo, who explores the culture of change, pairs old photographs of family members and friends with pictures of the people they have become. “I Am Chairman Mao’s Red Guard” (2000) contrasts an image of a uniformed girl holding Mao’s Little Red Book with the woman she became. (J. Paul Getty Museum)
Soon Tae Hong’s “Seoul Station” (1971). (J. Paul Getty Museum)
Issei Suda’s “Koishikawa Botanical Gardens, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo” (1975). (J. Paul Getty Museum)