Your guide to the Broad -- L.A.'s newest art museum

The heat and the lines couldn't keep them from the Broad on opening day

The opening of the Broad museum in downtown Los Angeles draws crowds and teachers union protesters despite the heat.

Bill Clinton headlines another star-studded guest list at Broad museum's second 'opening night'

After Thursday's night's black-tie gala opening for 700 at the new Broad museum, what could possibly come next?

How to visit the Broad museum

Broad museum information, including when it opens, what artworks are there, its hours and reservations.

Eli Broad calls his collection 'unique in the world,' says building 'exceeded' expectations

Eli Broad sits down for a Q&A as the Broad, the museum holding his and wife Edythe's art collection, prepares to open.

Get ready Los Angeles, the Broad officially opens to the public with red-ribbon opening ceremonies

City and state officials joins hundreds of guests at the Broad's red-ribbon opening ceremonies

5 pieces in the Broad collection that highlight Pop art history and its almost immediate impact

The Broad museum's collection is strong in Pop art. Here are five works that highlight that history.

An early look in the Broad museum reveals a show that doesn't quite gel

At the Broad museum in downtown Los Angeles, many works are superlative but the inaugural show doesn't gel.

The fine art of keeping the Broad museum super-clean

Honeycomb panels layered atop a shell of glass at the Broad creates unique maintenance requirements and a learning curve

Broad museum's storage 'vault' to offer unique peek beyond the exhibits

The Broad's massive 'vault' was conceived as the heart of the art museum, offering staffers easy access to most of the works and visitors a tantalizing peek behind the curtain.

How Edye Broad's 'natural eye' drew her billionaire husband into the art world

Edye Broad is the quiet force behind a $2-billion art collection whose latest mark on the art world is the upcoming Broad museum.

Eli Broad, white knight and lightning rod, gets ready to open his own museum

Eli Broad is opening a museum to house his art after years of involvement with other contemporary collections in L.A. A look back.

Here's why the Broad museum's generous lending program may not work out

The Broad collection's new permanence is fundamentally at odds with the museum's mandate to lend the works out.

As the Broad museum opens, a broader look at Grand Avenue development

As the Broad museum opens, the transformation of Grand Avenue remains a work in progress: TK, a restaurant-hotel-housing project.

Under the veil: L.A. reacts to the Broad museum's sneak peek

A sneak peek at the new Broad museum in downtown Los Angeles

A sneak peek at the Broad museum draws an enthusiastic crowd

The Broad museum in Los Angeles opened its doors for a preview by artists, journalists and art world figures on Sunday.

Broad Museum beefs up its collection before opening with 50+ new works

More than 50 new and postwar pieces are added as museum nears fall opening.