Geffen Playhouse announces 2017-18 season with Neil LaBute, Tyne Daly, Sarah Jones


The Geffen Playhouse on Wednesday announced one world and three West Coast premieres as part of its 2017-18 season.

Kicking off the season are the West Coast premieres of Halley Feiffer’s off-Broadway comedy “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Gynecologic Oncology Unit at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center of New York City” and Neil LaBute’s “The Way We Get By.”

The former mines the painful humor in the interactions between a young female comedian and a sour, middle-aged man going through a tough divorce while their sick mothers share a room at the hospital. The latter is the seventh play by LaBute to play at the Geffen, this one exploring the hung-over morning after a one-night-stand between two complicated people.


The world premiere is “Chasing Mem’ries: A Different Kind of Musical,” written and directed by Joshua Ravetch, who co-created and directed Carrie Fisher’s one-woman show “Wishful Drinking.” The new production stars Tyne Daly and Robert Forster, with music by Alan and Marilyn Bergman.

The Geffen also will present the Los Angeles premiere of “Skeleton Crew” by Dominique Morisseau and the West Coast premiere of Tony Award-winner Sarah Jones’ one-woman play, “Sell/Buy/Date.”

“Skeleton Crew” is the final play in the three-play “The Detroit Projects” cycle, which explores issues and characters inspired by the writer’s hometown, including a family working in the last exporting auto plant in the city.

Jones’ play takes on issues surrounding women’s sexuality and sexual identity as seen through the eyes of a sociology professor examining the lives of sex workers in the 21st century.

Three more plays will be added to the season and are yet to be announced.

Tickets are currently available only through subscription. Single tickets will go on sale this summer. Information: (310) 882-6533,




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