1932 Olympics
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Los Angeles Coliseum

Athletes from Japan march into the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum during the opening ceremonies of the 1932 Olympic Games held in Los Angeles. (Associated Press)
1932 Olympics in Los Angeles at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum(Handout)
A 1933 photograph shows the Olivers Club track team at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum()
For four years, the Dodgers turned the Coliseum into one of the most unusual baseball stadiums in America and, on first opening day in 1958, 78,672 were there as Giants and Dodgers lined up. (Los Angeles Times)
The Los Angeles landmark has been host to many, including U.S. Sens. John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson and House Speaker Sam Rayburn in a 1960 visit. (Associated Press)
Calvin Smith, right, passes the baton to Carl Lewis, left, during the men’s 4x100-meter semifinal relay race during the Olympics in Los Angeles at Memorial Coliseum, in this Aug. 11, 1984 file photo. (Associated Press)
The Coliseum has played host to two NFL teams, two college teams and two Olympics. (Con Keyes / Los Angeles Times)
The Coliseum is one of L.A.'s finest and best-known pieces of 1920s architecture. (Al Seib / Los Angeles Times)
Fans of the USC Trojans at the Pac-10 Conference Game against the Arizona Wildcats at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum(Donald Miralle / Getty Images)
Southern California Trojans quarterback Mark Sanchez (6) takes snap on the USC logo at midfield during 20-13 victory over Arizona Wildcats at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum(Kirby Lee / U.S. Presswire)
USC Trojans walk out to the field at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum(Christian Petersen / Getty Images)
A rainbow crosses the sky as the Southern California Trojans play the Washington State Cougars during the first half at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum(Jeff Lewis / U.S. Presswire)