‘Orange County’: Gretchen vs. Vicki
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Pictures: Top fights in ‘Real Housewives’ history

Tamra’s 80’s themed Bunco Party brought more drama than fun. Tamra thought it would be funny to surprise the girls with their significant others but Vicki wasn’t too thrilled to see Slade (Gretchen’s boyfriend). Gretchen confronts Vicki about Brooks’ (her boyfriend) past issues with child support since Vicki always criticized Slade for being behind on his. Vicki goes on the offensive and says that Gretchen can’t relate because she doesn’t have children. All the while they are yelling so loudly at each other that Gretchen loses her voice for the next couple of weeks. (Bravo)
Tamra and Jeana battled it out at Vicki’s summer barbeque last season. It was Tamra’s last straw when Jeana once again talked to the press about her and her soon-to-be ex husband Simon. As a result, Tamra filed a cease and desist against Jeana and shoved her the letter at the party. Jeana flipped out, drinks were thrown, and people were kicked out. Ah yes, got to love a classic “Real Housewives” gathering. (Bravo)
The infamous “Last Supper” episode revealed a lot about the ‘Skinny Italian’ and her reactions to Danielle and the infamous book. To sum it up, Danielle denies the details of the book and Teresa flips out. But literally flips a table and lunges at her. Thankfully juicy Joe is there to stop her from really hurting anyone. (Bravo)
There is nothing worse than fighting within the family and the Gorga’s are no different. But for some reason these two sister-in-law always end up butting heads. In one of the more resent episodes, Teresa and Melissa go at it at a summer solstice party when Melissa confronts Teresa about telling her husband (who is also Teresa’s brother) that she would leave him if a richer man came along.  (Bravo)
“You know what you are, you’re a clown.” Remember that line? It’s from Caroline and Danielle’s epic confrontation in season 2. Danielle, as paranoid as ever, shows up with an army of questionable bodyguards, ready to attack. But Caroline, calm and sitting confidently in the back room of the restaurant, is ready to tell Danielle once and for all, “No matter who you talk to ... you will not hurt me.” (Bravo)
This is probably the most heartbreaking fight to happen on “The Real Housewives.” Bethenny and Jill were the best pair; they were good together. So viewers were shocked to learn that their friendship had come to an end in Season 3. Apparently it all started when Bethenny only sent Bobby (Jill’s husband) flowers when he was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Jill couldn’t accept her apology and Bethenny ended up telling her to “get a hobby.”  (Bravo)
Ramona entered a territory that all housewives know not to go to: the children. She tells LuAnn that she won’t be in her music video because she wants to be a good “role model” for her daughter. Ramona proceeded to criticize LuAnn on her parenting skills and basically tells her that she doesn’t spend enough time with her children. And then, to top it all off, she brings up Luanne’s failed marriage with the Count.  (Bravo)
Another sisterly fight ... but in this case, the fight wasn’t petty. It was serious. We all knew that Kim had some issues and was under the influence of something. And when Kyle confronted her in the limo the night after her white party in Season 1, our suspicions were finally confirmed. But the fighting didn’t finish when Season 1 ended; the two proceeded to not talk to each other for months and the feuding continued into season 2. This time,however, there was a breakthrough at the end of the season, resulting in Kim checking herself into rehab. (Bravo)
Everyone at Camille’s dinner party in Season 1 was a hot mess. Camille’s friend (the woman who inspired the show “Medium” ... yes, the creepy lady puffing her fake cigarette) created a domino effect of fighting and the housewives were at each other’s throats. It was like the scene in “Mean Girls” when the burn book gets out and everyone starts fighting each other just because everyone else around them is fighting each other.  (Bravo)
This epic fight took place on the ladies’ trip to South Africa. It began when Marlo confronted Sheree about excluding her from a dinner party hosted by one of her friends in Cape Town. The confrontation quickly turned into a yelling match about money and Marlo’s supposed “80-year-old sugar daddy.” The fight was so intense that NeNe, of all people, intervened. (Bravo)
It wouldn’t be a “Real Housewives of Atlanta” season without NeNe and Kim fighting. This argument turned into an all out brawl on Kandi’s tour bus when NeNe freaked out at Kim for inviting her and Kandi’s assistants to the hotel in Miami. The fight blows up and results in NeNe telling Kim that she isn’t a real pop star. It gets so heated that NeNe jumps off her seat and nearly pulls off Kim’s blonde wig.  (Bravo)