Like a virgin
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Nikas Safronov

Like a virgin
“I try to create my own image and make money,” says Safronov, with a portrait of Madonna at his Moscow studio. (Nikas Safronov)
The leader
A detail of Safronov’s take on Russian President Vladimir V. Putin as a Napoleon-esque figure. (Nikas Safronov)
Audrey Hepburn in “Theater of Eternity.” (Nikas Safronov)
You lookin’ at me?
A portrait of Robert De Niro. Perhaps, Al Pacino next? (Nikas Safronov)
Dandy portrait
Safronov’s vision of George Clooney, whom he has never met, as a powder-wigged dauphin. (Nikas Safronov)
Portrait of President Putin, River of Times Series, 2006. (Nikas Safronov)
Portrait of Vladislav Surkov [Deputy Chief of Putin’s Staff], River of Times Series, 2006. (Nikas Safronov)
Lavrov and Putin
Portrait of [Foreign Minister] Sergei Lavrov and [President] Vladimir Putin, River of Times Series, 2006. (Nikas Safronov)
Queen’s Visit
Queen’s Visit to the Temple of Piety, 2005. (Nikas Safronov)
Portrait of Clint Eastwood, 1993. (Nikas Safronov)
Theater in Feminine Guise, 2006. (Nikas Safronov)
A Mysterious Castle on a Mystic Island, 2007. (Nikas Safronov)
The Meeting of Barbara’s Ghost with His Castle Guardian Sigismund August Ten Years After 1561, 2006. (Nikas Safronov)
Walking the Thread of Life, 2006. (Nikas Safronov)
The artist
Artist Nikas Safronov in his studio in the center of Moscow. (Sergei L. Loiko / LAT)