‘Breaking Bad’ generates millions of comments on Twitter, Facebook

The finale of AMC’s drama ‘Breaking Bad’
Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) appears in a scene from the “Breaking Bad” finale. The last episode of the AMC drama generated a torrent of conversation on Twitter and Facebook. (Ursula Coyote / AMC / April 1, 2013)
(Ursula Coyote / AMC)

The final episode of “Breaking Bad,” in which anti-hero Walter White met his fateful end, generated a thunderstorm of conversation on Twitter and Facebook.

The AMC drama about a high school chemistry teacher turned drug dealer produced 1.2 million tweets Sunday, as the story reached its conclusion, ranking it as the most-talked-about television show of the week on Twitter, according to SocialGuide rankings of Top 10 shows on that platform. 

“Breaking Bad” generated more conversation on Twitter than the fall premieres of NBC’s singing competition, “The Voice,” or ABC’s long-running hospital drama “Grey’s Anatomy.”

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On Facebook, some 3 million people generated about 5.5 million updates and comments on the platform as they discussed “Breaking Bad’s” finale (and Walter White’s last round of score-settling). Some 11 million people have discussed the show on Facebook over the course of the fifth season, not including Sunday night’s final episode.

The top 10 most Tweeted about television shows for the week of Sept. 23, as ranked by Nielsen’s SocialGuide, are as follows:

  1. “Breaking Bad” (AMC), Sunday, 1,237,900 Tweets
  2. “The Voice” (NBC), Monday, 273,500 Tweets
  3. “The X Factor” (FOX), Wednesday, 247,200 Tweets
  4. “Glee” (FOX), Thursday, 232,200 Tweets
  5. “Grey’s Anatomy” (ABC), Thursday, 225,400 Tweets
  6. “The Voice” (NBC), Tuesday, 167,000 Tweets
  7. “The X Factor” (FOX), Thursday, 162,400 Tweets
  8. “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” (NBC), Wednesday, 152,000 Tweets
  9. “WWE Monday Night RAW” (USA), Monday, 140,600 Tweets
  10. “Once Upon a Time” (ABC), Sunday, 136,600 Tweets


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