‘Glory Road’ | $42.6 million | 2006
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Jerry Bruckheimer: A long history of No. 1s for Disney

‘Glory Road’ | $42.6 million | 2006
This college basketball movie starring Josh Lucas is sort of an outlier. It won its opening weekend with a modest $13.6 million against weak competition. Opened: January 2006. Domestic gross: $42.6 million. (Frank Connor / Disney Enterprises)
‘Dangerous Minds’ | $84.9 million| 1995
Michell Pfeiffer, right, plays a Marine-turned-inner-city-school-teacher. Opened: August 1995. Domestic gross: $84.9 million.  (Linda R. Chen )
‘Crimson Tide’ | $91.4 million| 1995
Bruckheimer’s first No. 1 film for Disney, a taut military thriller starring Gene Hackman, left, and Denzel Washington, second from left, was probably also one of the producer’s best-reviewed movies. Opened: May 1995. Domestic gross: $91.4 million.  (Richard Foreman / Hollywood Pictures)
‘Con Air’ | $101 million | 1997
Nicolas Cage, left, and John Malkovich starred in this action movie directed by Simon West, whose latest movie was “The Expendables 2.” Opened: June 1997. Domestic gross: $101 million. (Frank Masi / Touchstone Pictures)
‘Gone In 60 Seconds’ | $102 million | 2000
Nicolas Cage, left, Angelina Jolie and car chases. You get the idea. Opened: July 2000. Domestic gross: $102 million.  (Linda R. Chen / Touchstone Pictures)
‘Remember the Titans’ | $116 million | 2000
Denzel Washington, left, starred as a high school football coach leading a racially integrated team. Opened: September 2000. Domestic gross: $116 million.  (Tracy Bennett / Buena Vista Pictures )
‘G-Force’ (3-D/Animated) | $119 million | 2009
Yes, the 3D animated film about a team of commando guinea pigs opened at No. 1. However, it cost about $150 million to make and is not considered to be among Bruckheimer’s biggest hits. Opened: July 2009. Domestic gross: $119 million. (Disney Enterprises)
‘The Rock’ | $134 million | 1996
Starring Sean Connery, left, and Nicolas Cage, this Alcatraz thriller was probably director Michael Bay’s best-reviewed movie ever. Opened: June 1996. Domestic gross: $134 million.  (Frank Masi / Hollywood Pictures)
‘National Treasure’ | $173 million | 2004
With this film starring Nicolas Cage and directed by Jon Turteltaub, Bruckheimer struck gold again. Opened: November 2004. Domestic gross: $173 million  (Robert Zuckerman / Touchstone Pictures)
‘Pearl Harbor’ | $199 million | 2001
Ben Affleck stars in the role of the romantic lead. This quasi-war movie came with a massive marketing campaign and was shelled by critics. Opened: May 2001. Domestic gross: $199 million. (Andrew Cooper / Touchstone Pictures)
‘Armageddon’ | $202 million | 1998
The Michael Bay-directed underdogs-in-space movie not only made half-a-billion dollars around the world, it also got Aerosmith their first No. 1 hit single, “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing.” Opened: July 1998. Domestic gross: $202 million.  (Frank Masi)
‘National Treasure: Book of Secrets’ | $220 million | 2007
The mega-grossing sequel saw Nicolas Cage, left, return with generally worse reviews than the original, but a better box office take. Opened: December 2007. Domestic gross: $220 million. (Robert Zuckerman / Disney Enterprises)
‘Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides’ (3-D) | $241 million | 2011
The venerable franchise returned in 3D without Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley, but it did bring on Penelope Cruz, right, as Jack Sparrow’s love interest. It made more than $1 billion worldwide on a budget of $300 million. Opened: May 2011. Domestic gross: $241 million. (Peter Mountain / Associated Press / Disney)
‘Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl’ | $305 million | 2003
No curse on this treasure. Johnny Depp’s Keith Richards-aping performance helped this Disney park-ride-based film make more than $654 million around the world. Opened: July 2003. Domestic gross: $305 million.  (Elliott Marks / Walt Disney Pictures)
‘Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End’ | $309 million | 2007
With more characters and plotlines than ever, the third “Pirates” film was a critical shipwreck. Despite that, it grossed almost $1 billion worldwide. Opened: May 2007. Domestic gross: $309 million.  (Buena Vista Pictures)
‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest’ | $423 million | 2006
The second installment in the “Pirates” saga sailed away with an international box office gross of more than $1 billion, though it got less favorable reviews than its predecessor. It was the year’s highest grossing movie. Opened: July 2006. Domestic gross: $423 million. (Peter Mountain / Associated Press / Disney)