Best ‘Sharknado’ sequel titles from Twitter

“Sharknado” looks more like a “Snarknado.”

Syfy’s so-bad-it’s-great B-movie, starring Tara Reid, generated a whirlwind of response from Twitter on Thursday night.

Perhaps recognizing Syfy puts out goofy movies like this all the time -- 2010’s “Sharktopus” comes to mind -- many clamored for a sequel. Some tweeters proposed possible titles.

Right now, I’m hoping for a producer’s credit for “Avalanchovies.” Or “Shrewnami.”


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Here are some favorites:

We’ve got a few more Hollywood-ready ideas here.

“Sharknado” racked up about 387,000 tweets, according to a spokesman for Syfy, and at its peak boasted 5,000 tweets a minute (which didn’t exactly translate into stellar ratings).

Syfy is planning to have an encore broadcast next week.

Enough said.


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