Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt
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Heidi and Spencer: Striking deals with the paparazzi?

By Kate Aurthur, Los Angeles Times Staff writer

Just how cozy with the cameras are they? Heidi and Spencer love the cameras, both on “The Hills” and on the streets. But do they profit from paparazzi pix? Have they struck a deal with an agency, an allegation Perez Hilton has leveled against them? “I wish!” Spencer said. Pacific Coast News, the agency that snaps the most pictures of the couple, didn’t return calls -- but we asked our panel to weigh in on the question.

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Harvey Levin (TMZ) - No!

“They go to places they know the paparazzi already are. They love Robertson Boulevard -- Robertson Boulevard is their Disneyland. . . . It’s not like they’re going to some hot dog stand in Woodland Hills that nobody would know about.” (Valerie Macon / Getty Images)
Janice Min (Us Weekly) - Doubtful!

“They’re not hiding in a cave in Afghanistan, they’re walking down Robertson Boulevard or they’re on the beach in Malibu. I think the hamminess might lead people to believe that there is a higher level of cooperation than there actually is . . . If they did have some kind of deal, which I have no knowledge of and I would kind of doubt actually, they certainly wouldn’t be the first . . .” (Dan Steinberg / Associated Press)
Perez Hilton (perezhilton.com) - Yes!

“It’s pretty obvious to anyone. When you look at who has the exclusive pictures of Spencer and Heidi, it’s always Pacific Coast News. . . . I know that lots of agencies are in bed with lots of celebrities, and the majority of the time, they get paid. Here’s a better way to phrase it for you: If Spencer is not getting paid for those pictures, then he is stupid. And Spencer Pratt is not stupid.” (David Harpe / Associated Press)