Jeffrey Katzenberg
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The super mediators

Rumored mediator: Jeffrey Katzenberg

Super mediation powers: He’s one of the wealthiest guys in Hollywood thanks to the success of almost every DreamWorks animation film ever made, and one of the most powerful too for the same reason. He’s a movie mogul who is also a household name.

Actual involvement: He reportedly tried to broker a back-door compromise that would bring the WGA and the AMPTP back to the negotiating table in late December. It didn’t work. These days he’s relegated to giving helpless shrugs (as reported by a Defamer reader) while driving past the picket lines.

Potential drawback: Although he styles himself as the artist-friendly mogul, a studio head isn’t exactly Switzerland in this dispute. (Max Nash / AFP / Getty Images)
Rumored mediator: Bill Clinton

Super mediation powers: Charisma by the bucket load. Former leader of the free world. And some past experience bringing two opposing sides to the table -- like the Israelis and the Palestinians.

Actual involvement: Despite the giddy rumors that Clinton could be ”a modern-day Lew Wasserman,” the former president of the United States of America did not get involved.

Potential drawback: He got the Israelis and Palestinians to the table, but in the end couldn’t get them to agree -- a negotiating breakdown that touched off the second intifada. (Seth Wenig / Associated Press)
Rumored mediator: Tom Hanks

Super mediation powers: Perhaps the most A-list of all A-list actors, the honorary mayor of the enduring celebrities, beloved by studio execs, too important to risk angering.

Actual involvement: None, except to voice support for a return to the negotiation table while on the red carpet at the London premiere of “Charlie Wilson’s War.” “I just hope that the big guys who make big decisions, up high in their corporate boardrooms and whatnot, get down to honest bargaining and everyone can get back to work,” he told a reporter.

Potential drawback: Knocking heads together isn’t usually a part of Mr. Nice Guy’s repertoire. (Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images)
Rumored mediator: Steven Spielberg

Super mediation powers: He’s Steven Spielberg.

Actual involvement: None yet, but he’s been tapped by the online rumor mill to join Tom Hanks and George Clooney in a powerful intervention between the two sides.

Potential drawback: Negotiator might come unglued by the lack of video games to play in the negotiating room. (Matt Sayles / Associated Press)
Rumored mediator: Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa

Super mediation powers: He’s got all the gravitas of real politics behind him. He’s a charmer. Nice smile.

Actual involvement: Villaraigosa offered his mediation services in early November when the strike was still all shiny and new. He did meet with the WGA and extended an offer to meet with the AMPTP, but nothing much came of it.

Potential drawback: If forced to stay in the negotiating room and out of the public spotlight for more than 90 minutes, the mayor could potentially turn to dust. (Barbara Davidson / Los Angeles Times)
Rumored mediator: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Super mediation powers: He has the gravitas of being a real politician, but comes directly from showbiz, and he’s the Governator!

Actual involvement: The governor’s office has been in contact with both sides since the beginning, but the governor himself has mostly stayed out of it, except to take a few meetings and comment that he hopes the whole thing is over soon -- less for the sake of the writers and producers and more for the electricians, grips and set designers.

Potential drawback: Nonsmoking rule at the negotiating table makes his presence a nonstarter. (John G. Mabanglo / EPA)
Rumored mediator: Bryan Lourd

Super mediation powers: He’s a partner at CAA, so negotiation is this man’s middle name.

Actual involvement: After opening his house to studio execs after talks broke down in mid-October, he was reportedly responsible for getting the WGA and AMPTP to sit down together again a few weeks later.

Potential drawback: Parking rates at the Death Star subgarage would force grueling walks from Westfield Mall to the negotiating table. (Kevin Winter / Getty Images)