Hayden Panettiere -- the next Lilo?
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Hayden Panettiere: Life in Pictures

Hayden Panettiere -- the next Lilo?
Hayden Panettiere

The next Lilo?

The bloggers are relentless when it comes to Hayden Panettiere. Before the new It Girl was even legal, they were calling her the next Lindsay Lohan … and not in a nice way.

But Hayden can take it – after all, she’s hardly new to the biz. In the early 1990s, at a mere 11 months old, Hayden was already in a Playskool ad. (Associated Press)
Hayden Panettiere -- Like mother, like daughter
Like mother, like daughter

Hayden’s mother was a soap star, and young Hayden followed suit, appearing on “One Life to Live” and “The Guiding Light” in the 1990s. (WireImage)
Hayden Panettiere -- small screen successes
Small-screen successes

Next came roles on stellar shows like “Ally McBeal” in 2002 and “Malcolm in the Middle” in 2003. (WireImage)
Hayden Panettiere -- voiceover
Hayden gives her famous face a rest

Hayden did voice work as Dot in “A Bug’s Life” in 1998. (Disney/Pixar)
Hayden Panettiere -- Save the cheerleader, save the world
Save the cheerleader, save the world

Hayden is best known for her breakout role as Claire Bennet in the 2006 hit series “Heroes.” Thanks to the exceptional success of the show, Forbes estimated that Hayden raked in $2 million dollars between June, 2006 and June, 2007. (Dean Hendler / NBC)
Hayden Panettiere -- But what I really wanna do is sing
But what I really wanna do is sing

Watch out y’all -- Hayden’s debut album is dropping soon. Hayden told Entertainment Weekly, ''I wanted to make every song sound as different as possible.… I hate sitting down and listening to an album where every song sounds the same.’' Look for the album in 2008, when she could join the likes of Chris Brown among today’s young pop stars. (Kevork Djansezian / Associated Press)
Hayden Panettiere -- Look like me
Look like me

Hayden lent her famous face to Neutrogena beauty products and Dooney & Bourke. (Dooney & Bourke)
Hayden Panettiere vs. Hil
Hayden vs. Hil

Hayden told thesource4ym.com that her classmates once compared her to Hilary Duff (pictured, right). “I would walk in a classroom,” said Hayden, “and there would be things on the board like ‘Hilary Duff is better than Hayden.’” (Jeff Vespa / WireImage.com)
Hayden Panettiere -- Leave Hayden alone
Leave Hayden alone

At just 15, Hayden was already a star, and in 2004 she told thesource4ym.com that her stardom made her life at school more difficult:

“It’s almost as if you can’t be human because they think that by you being in a bad mood or getting upset about anything that you are just trying to be a diva … you can never just have a bad day like everyone else.” (Matt Sayles / Associated Press)