Jennifer Lawrence dishes on hooking up with Liam Hemsworth, but says she won’t ‘tap’ Justin Bieber

Leave it to Andy Cohen to get Jennifer Lawrence to gossip — about herself.

The "Joy" and "Hunger Games" star stopped by Cohen's "Watch What Happens Live!" on Monday and dished on everything from her behavior at the Oscars to the lowdown on her celebrity pals.

The Bravo host managed to get the 25-year-old to admit that she also made out with her "Hunger Games" costar Liam Hemsworth, who plays Gale in the recently wrapped four-film franchise, though she didn't say when nor did she say whether he was still with ex-fiancee Miley Cyrus at the time.

"It has recently been rumored that you and Liam Hemsworth had some PDA at the Waverly Inn," Cohen said during a game of "Plead the Fifth." "Have you two ever kissed when the cameras weren't rolling?"

"Liam and I grew up together. Liam's real hot," Lawrence began, smirking a little bit. "What would you have done?"

"I would say yes!" Cohen responded.

"Yeah," Lawrence said, laughing.

"I would pick Gale over Peeta any day," Cohen continued.

"I did at one point," she added.

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Cohen then asked Lawrence whether she smoked marijuana at any of the awards shows, which his guest Susan Sarandon admitted to doing when she appeared on "WWHL!" in 2013.

"I smoked pot at none of them, but I saw my brother smoking out of a bong at one of the Oscars. I won't say which," she said, later admitting that she took a hit too. However, our favorite red carpet klutz wouldn't say whether it was the year she had won her lead actress Academy Award.

The actress did plead the fifth to Cohen's final question, which asked who among her former costars of Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper and Josh Hutcherson she'd marry, shag or kill. She pleaded the fifth because she "didn't want to kill one of them."

Elsewhere in the show, the candid star showed off her familiarity with the Bravo's "Real Housewives" stars and opened up about her headline-grabbing November dinner with singer Adele and actress Emma Stone, and even shut down a fan question about singer Justin Bieber.

When asked who picked up the check at dinner, Lawrence couldn't remember but alluded to the "Hello" singer's chart-topping sales week.

"Oh, God, I don't know who picked up the check. It might've been Adele," said. "I think we would've all been like, 'Adele, you've had a pretty good week.' So I'm sure we would've probably let her get it," she said, later adding that they "talk about everything but work."

Then a caller brought up Bieber's remarks that he thought Lawrence was "so sexy and so cute," asking if she would ever "tap that."

"Uh, I'm gonna say a hard no," she replied. "But thanks."

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