Susan Sarandon stoned at awards shows? Yes, but not at the Oscars

Susan Sarandon has an award-season trick in her arsenal: pot.

The Oscar-nominated actress stopped by Bravo’s late-night gab fest “Watch What Happens Live!” along with actor Ralph Fiennes when host Andy Cohen enlisted her in a game of “Plead the Fifth,” which requires his guest to answer three questions and let only one go unanswered by pleading the Fifth Amendment.

“Name one major Hollywood event that you showed up to stoned,” Cohen asked her.

“Only one?!” the legalized marijuana advocate asked in knee-slapping laughter. “I would say almost all except the Oscars.”


Perhaps admitting that she’s taken the high road actually is taking the high road. Those things can be such a drag sometimes ...

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Sarandon won the lead actress Academy Award in 1996 for her role in “Dead Man Walking.” She’s been nominated four other times, has had eight Golden Globe nominations, four Emmy Award nominations and three SAG Award nominations (plus one SAG win for “Dead Man Walking”), among others.

Then Cohen asked the “Thelma & Louise” star to “name one role you regret taking.”

“None,” she said. “Well, even ones that didn’t turn out, you learn something, right?”

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Last, he asked her to name one male celebrity she hooked up with.

“I plead the Fifth!” she replied, punctuating her answer with a fist pump.


Later, Sarandon said she’s been really into fitness and has taken up boxing.

“I don’t smoke cigarettes,” she said. “I think that helps.”

“I was going to say, ‘Is that all you don’t smoke’ but I think we already answered that question,” Cohen exclaimed.

But back to the subject of scandalous setups: Sarandon also took a viewer question asking if she’d ever pose for Playboy.


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“They haven’t asked me in about five years. They used to ask me on a regular basis and I wanted to do it pregnant but they weren’t game. That was before everyone else started doing it pregnant,” she said.

The “Rocky Horror Picture Show” alum has three children, daughter Eva, 28, whom she had with Franco Amurri, and two sons with Tim Robbins, Jack, 24, and Miles, 21.

“But I have sons now [so] I can’t really. When Lincoln Center did a thing and they showed a lot of my [old clips], my sons said, ‘Didn’t it ever occur to you that you would have children?’ Then I asked my youngest, I said, ‘Are you OK?’ And he said, ‘Yeah, but scarred, Mom.’ So at this point, I can’t really say I didn’t know where they stood,” Sarandon joked.


“So it’s not worth it and I’m really not that interested.”


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