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Justin Theroux reveals a tawdry past peppered with mug shots

Justin Theroux is a bad boy. Or so he’d have the world believe.

Thursday night found Theroux as a guest on Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night show, with the host at one point compelled to sift through his guest’s online past. 

“I’ve got some skeletons,” the star of “The Leftovers” admits. “I think you can’t really come into Hollywood without a couple mug shots under your belt.”

Kimmel seems unconvinced that the actor, writer and Jennifer Aniston fiance had ever been arrested.


“You think you know me, Jimmy, but you don’t know me ...,” Theroux says. “You can Google it. Everything’s on the Internet. None of us can escape it.”

Hmm. That sounds like a challenge. One requiring the powerful oracle that is Google. And “Google” apparently delivers the goods.

Kimmel’s allegedly impromptu search turns up not one but many Theroux mug shots. A classic orange jail jumpsuit is featured in one. A chicken in another. There’s a milk moustache. And, well, lipstick. Watch the video above for the full experience, and pay careful attention to the auto-complete suggestions offered as Theroux’s name is entered in the search box.

Did we mention the clip also starts out with hot photos of one Justin Theroux? Yeah, it does.


Incidentally, as authentic as those Google Image search results might look, with links to the pages the shots theoretically live on, a quick check of the Smoking Gun turns up exactly zero results for Theroux. 

Nice try, Mr. Nice Guy.

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