Kim Kardashian's newest picture: Yup, that's what she looks like naked

Seems Kim Kardashian's butt picture was only the appetizer: Late Wednesday afternoon, a full-frontal nude of the reality TV star was released by the magazine that's featuring her on and inside its winter issue.

Yup, top-to-bottom, NSFW, somebody-just-got-waxed nudity, with an expression on Kardashian's face that's reminiscent of a super-charged version of Goofy, were the Disney character to be drawn as a curvy naked woman covered with oil.


A sparkly black gown is puddled around her lower legs in the front view. Another shot, a side view, shows slightly less flesh and slightly more gown. The entire garment is visible in a previously released image showing Kardashian balancing a Champagne glass on her rear end.

The version of the latest photo that was posted to Paper magazine's Instagram had the naughty bits blacked out, because Instagram management is funny that way. But a quick click through the mag's website delivers access to the unfettered goods free of charge.

Incidentally, Kardashian herself may have been free of charge, if a TMZ source has the story right. Seems she wanted to work with photographer Jean-Paul Goude and did the gig during Paris Fashion Week without collecting a penny -- a good thing for the publication because it couldn't afford her, the source said.

The magazine, meanwhile, was getting very meta with its own story on "the Internet's" reaction to the "Break the Internet" campaign. Think naked-butt Kim as a centaur, naked-butt Kim with a peach for a backside, naked-butt Kim as a Google doodle.

Kim, Kim, Kim, Kim, Kim. Welcome to Wednesday.

"Because we know you came just read the article," Kardashian tweeted shortly after the magazine posted its front-view promo shot.

Included, of course, was a link to the pictures.

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