Lindsay Lohan on ‘Tonight’: Talks Oprah, ‘Mean Girls,’ plays water war

Lindsay Lohan stopped by “The Tonight Show” on Thursday to promote her Oprah Winfrey Network docu-series and catch up with her old friend Jimmy Fallon.

Unlike the late-night skewerings the embattled star has experienced, Fallon was friendly and warm to the newly clean starlet, who also appeared on his first episode of “The Tonight Show” last month.

On Sunday, OWN will premiere “Lindsay,” Oprah Winfrey’s docu-series, which is being credited with helping Lohan get back on her feet since she left her court-ordered rehab in July 2013.


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“It’s very clear, it’s a television show, they want ratings. Obviously, that’s what needs to happen,” Lohan said of the drama that ensues in the series.

“They picked like the first two months when I got back to New York after being in treatment. I got very spiritual in the past year, and I was trying to find serenity and peace in my life, and, of course, they take, like, the chaos of me moving eight years of my life back to New York,” she added.

The 27-year-old’s road to recovery is chronicled in the OWN show, and she said that she’s grown closer to Winfrey in the process. Gone are the days of the hard-partying movie star being hounded by the paparazzi and making repeat appearances in court, she said.

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“That’s the past, though, and I think that, you know, that I feel really lucky to have been able to work with somebody like Oprah,” Lohan said. “And I have this really strong bond with her now. I can call her and she actually gives me wonderful advice, and she’s become a really strong person for me to listen to and learn from in life. And I feel blessed.”

The redheaded actress admitted to “butt-dialing” Winfrey’s number a few times and purposely letting her calls go to voice mail.

Lohan, who has built a strong Instagram following, is getting back to building her resume too. She has an arc on the raunchy CBS sitcom “2 Broke Girls” and will start shooting the film “Inconceivable” in April. There’s even talk of a potential reunion of “Mean Girls,” which helped launch the actress’ career.

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“When I was backstage I saw [‘Mean Girls’ writer] Tina [Fey], and she mentioned maybe doing some sort of reunion … she said she was talking to Lorne [Michaels] about it, she’s talking to the big boss,” Lohan said.

Fallon, ever the fan of reunions, asked her to do it on his show.

But the highlight of her appearance came when Fallon enlisted his guest in a game of water war, a wet and wild version of the basic card game. Lohan was game despite Fallon saying that no female guest had ever wanted to play.

Fallon won the first hand and threw a cup of “ice-cold water” in Lohan’s face. But Lohan proceeded to win the following hands, prompting the drenched host to ask, “Why is this happening?!”

Lohan quipped back” “Because I have OWN on my side!”

Indeed, never underestimate the power of Oprah.


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