‘Orange Is the New Black’ sneak peek paints a dark Season 4 picture

Fans who choked on the cheese factor of the joyful, romping-in-the-lake bit at the end of “Orange Is the New Black’s” third season may have something to look forward to with Season 4.

There is little to no joy in the new, for-profit Litchfield, judging by stills that were just released. That’s sort of in contrast to the lighter tone of a season-preview trailer that dropped a few weeks ago.

Things look to be getting real again — as in, really dark.

We see that the bunks are now doubled up, suggesting privacy’s an even hotter commodity than it was. New “mom” Taystee has her hands full, over Crazy Eyes’ less-than-tactful mouth. Piper’s got her own mouth full — she’s gagged — and is getting her head slammed by another inmate. Alex is running from guards and appears to be trapped.


Pennsatucky and Boo are still buds, and Martha Stewart-esque new inmate Judy King hasn’t yet lost her sunny disposition, but any time the prisoners are in groups, they appear to be getting chewed out.

Most jarring: When we last saw Laverne Cox’s Sophia, she was hustled off to the SHU, ostensibly for her own “protection” from transphobia-related violence.

It apparently hasn’t gone well at all for her in solitary confinement: Girlfriend’s stylish vibe and resilient attitude look long gone, replaced by what might be the saddest face ever seen on streaming TV.

The new season is available June 17 on Netflix.

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