Pamela Anderson doesn’t know if her sons have seen her sex tape

Pamela Anderson talks about her infamous sex tape, her love life and her pixie cut in the April issue of Elle.
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After her “Baywatch” babe days, Pamela Anderson made a name for herself with a widely seen sex tape, but that infamous body of work is a touchy subject when it comes to her teenage boys.

As it should be.

“I don’t know if they’ve seen it, but they know about it,” the actress-model said in Elle magazine’s April issue. “They know about everything. Stupid Internet. I don’t know why everyone is so impressed with it.”

Shudder at the thought...


Indeed, the tape she shot with now ex-husband Tommy Lee went public in 1998 and became readily available online. The on-again, off-again couple divorced that same year but had two sons -- Dylan and Brandon -- together.

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The 46-year-old spoke about her parenting conundrum back in 2009, when the erotic home video was referenced in Sacha Baron Cohen’s raunchy comedy “Borat.”

“I knew kids were going to watch the film and there was a reference to the tape in the movie and they’re that age and, you know, people are going to start saying things,” she told British talk show host Jeremy Kyle (via Us Weekly). That’s when she had to break the news to her two boys.

“I just said, ‘Look, Mommy and Daddy were massively in love, we videotaped everything, everything was videotaped, and you’re probably going to hear about something at school,’” she said at the time.

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Anderson has since remarried Rick Salomon, a film producer, and news of their nuptials broke in January. The pair had their first union annulled back in 2007 after only two months of marriage. Anderson had previously been wed to rocker Kid Rock, between her marriages to Motley Crue frontman Lee and Salomon.

“The rock-star thing became very destructive, like, wow,” Anderson told Elle. “I didn’t know what I was doing. I just kind of became that thing. The hair, that rock-star kind of lifestyle, just living a dream. It kind of took over. It started out very innocent and then I turned into a cartoon character. And I started to feel like a cartoon character.”

Well, she was a bunny and a Playboy Playmate of the Month back in 1990. When she first moved to L.A. from her native Canada, she took up residence in Hugh Hefner’s Playboy mansion, but she warned him that she had “this crazy boyfriend.”

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“And Hef was like, ‘You’re not going anywhere with a crazy boyfriend,’ and so he put me in a mansion in Bel-Air with an opera-singing Chinese maid, and I was driving a Bentley, and a friend of mine came by and was like, ‘What is going on? Why are you living in this mansion?’ And I was like, ‘Isn’t this what happens when people move to L.A.?’”

The model posed for the mag several times and thanks to her figure, which was flaunted in the course of her buoyant lifeguard duties on the long-running TV series “Baywatch,” Anderson became a sex symbol. That mop of ultra-blond tresses helped a bit too, but Anderson chopped it all off back in October just before running the New York marathon. She then went brunette in December.


“At first I thought I looked like Anderson Cooper or like a Q-tip or something,” she told the mag. “But now I feel really powerful. I have a friend who is an awesome, studly man, and he goes, ‘You know, some women cut their hair and it makes them look even more masculine, but you look even more feminine.’ I thought it would be weird having sex with short hair but then I kind of got into the mode.”

And there you have it. Pamela Anderson: still hot, still having sex.

Anderson’s full Elle interview hits newsstands March 25.


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