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Bill Murray is America’s spirit animal, celebrating the Chicago Cubs’ World Series win

BESTPIX World Series - Chicago Cubs v Cleveland Indians - Game Seven
Bill Murray reacts on the field in Cleveland after the Chicago Cubs defeated the Indians 8-7 in Game 7 of the 2016 World Series.
(Ezra Shaw / Getty Images)

Bill Murray was every Chicago Cubs fan, ever, when his team broke its 108-year drought Wednesday night by winning the World Series. Not every fan, however, gets to pop Champagne in the locker room after the game — and interview the club’s president.

“Is there anyone you want to say hello to that you haven't thought about lately?,” Murray asked Theo Epstein amid the crush of celebration. 

“Yeah, you," Epstein said before shaking up a bottle of bubbly and blasting the actor in the face with it. "Yeah Bill!,” he shouted. “We just won the World Series!"

"Oh, it does burn," Murray said as he tried to get the booze out of his eyes. “It's a good burn. It's a good burn. I guess that means I get a 20-day tryout or something like that.”

Maybe not, but it did mean he got the opportunity to pour a ton of Champagne directly onto Epstein's ballcap. He also explained to Cubs right fielder Jason Heyward, “I've been a Cubs fan longer than you've been growing that beard.” (Actually, Bill, you’ve been a Cubs fan longer than the 27-year-old has been alive. But who’s counting?)

“I would watch 10 more hours of grown men weeping. So much [love]. CONGRATS CHICAGO!!!!,” actress Olivia Wilde tweeted after the game. 

Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam had “all the feels” in the stands after the victory, according to Major League Baseball, and celebrated with Chicago native John Cusack.

Hometown Chicago guy Vince Vaughn — who didn’t make it to Cleveland for the game because he was in New York promoting “Hacksaw Ridge” — told SportsCenter that the win was “surreal” and praised the Indians as a “tremendous” team. 

"What a World Series,” he said. “What a Game 7."

Also, all night long on Twitter people were linking the World Series and the 2016 election, dropping in hashtags like #apocalypse, especially when rain delayed the then-tied game by 17 minutes. With campaign ads running nearly nonstop during commercial breaks, it was hard to separate the streams. 

Alyssa Milano continued that vibe Thursday morning, tweeting: “I had the craziest dream last night. I dreamt the cubs won the World Series and Donald Trump was running for president.”

Not a dream, Alyssa. not a dream at all. 

Meanwhile, Charlie Sheen was there Wednesday night, rooting for Cleveland after complaining the day before about not being allowed to throw out a first pitch at any of the games.

Alas, the bag he packed didn’t include quite enough tricks to ensure a victory for his “Major League” buddies. Give it another 40 years, guys. That World Series slump will end eventually … just ask the Cubs.

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