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Bradley Cooper teams with Syfy to adapt ‘Hyperion’ into a TV series

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper is looking to make Dan Simmons’ Hyperion Cantos books, which have won Hugo, Locus and British Science Fiction Association awards, into a TV series with the Syfy network.

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Bradley Cooper has been trying to adapt Dan Simmons’ 1989 sci-fi novel “Hyperion” to the big screen for years. Thanks to Syfy, Cooper’s dream will become a reality, but on the small screen. Yep, the long-awaited “Hyperion” adaptation will be a Syfy series.

Syfy announced (via press release) that Cooper will executive produce the new series, alongside “Argo” producer Graham King and Todd Phillips of “The Hangover.”

Writer Itamar Moses of “Boardwalk Empire” will be scripting the screenplay (and will serve as co-producer). This is interesting, as Cooper has been very vocal about co-writing a movie vision of “Hyperion” with Conal Byrne. But different adaptations require different talents. Also, the early treatment Cooper showed King (who owns the rights to “Hyperion”) clearly impressed everyone enough to push this far with the project.

“Hyperion” is the first of a four-book series set in the Hyperion universe. The story follows seven characters (referred to as pilgrims) who take a journey to answer the deepest spiritual questions the universe holds.


As the story moves forward, each character reveals his reasons for taking on this cyber-spiritual journey. It’s an epic series packed with sci-fi philosophy and allusions to Geoffrey Chaucer’s classic work “The Canterbury Tales.”

It’s a tall order for a television series, but there’s nothing like the passion of an A-list actor to get something made.

Cooper was quoted in the press release saying, “It is an absolute honor to enter into the world created by Dan Simmons that is arguably one of the greatest works of science fiction, and help realize it for television audiences.”

It’s been years since Syfy tackled something as thematically impressive and spiritually complicated as “Hyperion.” This isn’t an easy adaptation, but if done right, “Hyperion” could be an impressive TV series.


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