Proof that everyone loves the ‘Super Mario Bros.’ theme song


Two uppity plumbers aren't the only timeless tributes to "Super Mario Bros." What about that classic tune? The opening beats of "ba-da-bop-ba-da-bap ... bom" can transform anyone into an instant gamer. And to celebrate this nostalgia-inducing ear worm, here's a collection of "Super Mario Bros." soundtrack adaptations from a cappella, metal to beat boxing flute. 

Officially titled the "Ground Theme," this opening tune was composed by Koji Kondo, who is also responsible for great video game tunes of the past, including "The Legend of Zelda." This was one of six tracks made for the first game, but there are many more songs that will live on in video game lore. However,  "Ground Theme" is easily the most recognizable. So here's our collection of weird and wonderful "Super Mario Bros." theme song tributes to stimulate your #mariomemories

Swing dance "Mario Bros."

Dancers Morgan Day and Emily Wiggers turned Mario and Luigi on to swing. 

Orchestral "Super Mario"

For the classy gamer, performed by the Young Classic Sound Orchestra in Schwäbisch Hall, Germany.

All-metal "Mario" 

Guitar by Eric Calderone

"Mario" remix

Jeremy Ellis remixes "Mario" at the Hall of Fame Music Festival at Full Sail University in Florida.

Swing-funk "Mario"

Sung by the Horny Reptile Orchestra from Spain. 

Snapping "Mario"

Emil Axelsson performs the entire "Super Mario Bros." theme by snapping his fingers. 

Classical guitar

Fancy "Mario," performed by Thierry Gomez.

Perfect strangers

Human piano Eran Amir combined 300 voices from strangers on the streets of Israel to make one gigantic tribute. 

Child's play

Six-year-old Alexander Chen can play the "Super Mario Bros." theme without music. What can you do?

Rock opera "Mario"

Created by the song-a-day guy Jonathan Mann,  this interpretation of the "Super Mario" world isn't a re-creation but, rather, an inspiration in which Mario realizes that every day he is tricked into saving Princess Peach. This realization takes him to a very dark place. Video report from Kotaku. 

A cappella "Overworld" theme 

Performed by bearded singing sensation Smooth McGroove (Max Gleason), who is well known for turning video game tracks into peppy aca-hits.

Underwater accordion 

And since we've now gone a little off track and started highlighting additional "Super Mario Bros." classics, where would we all be without the underwater jam, now performed for you by VideogameAccordion?