‘Game of Thrones’: Sophie Turner talks facing Littlefinger and putting the ball in Sansa’s court


Sansa Stark is no longer a pawn in the “Game of Thrones” -- she’s a player. This week’s episode proved that the character, who was once regularly referred to as “little dove,” is ready to be a wolf. Actress Sophie Turner took us behind the scenes on Sansa’s big moments in “The Door,” an episode that she actually hasn’t seen yet. Which we spoiled for her ... and we’re sorry about that.

Turner revealed that the series has always been building to this: “Sansa’s building her and building her and building her and each time someone chips away at her, she builds herself up again differently,” Turner said over the phone. “She is very consciously changing and adapting.” So what was it like to call out those that would put her character in harm’s way? Apparently, it was a release of emotion.

Warning: Spoiler talk for this week’s episode ahead.


The episode where you meet up with Littlefinger aired last night. [Sansa] has been getting stronger and stronger but this felt like the first time you saw her say if Jon Snow won’t do it, then I’ll lead. Is this the tip of the iceberg?

Definitely this season she’s sick of being a pawn in everyone else’s game. And finally she’s playing the game. Every time she goes somewhere with someone, it doesn’t work out. So just doing her own thing and trying to make people listen to her. It’s very much about her taking her own path.

What was it like doing that scene where you basically addressed all the horrible things that we witnessed as an audience?

It was very empowering. It was a big moment for her. It was kind of a moment where she’s voicing what everyone else is wanting her to say. [It’s] finally happening for her. It was a big thing for me, I think, because it was the first time that she’s really stood on her own and been true to herself and been unafraid to say what she wants and say what she means. It was a very big moment; very, very emotional.

Was that a difficult scene to film?

It wasn’t difficult. It just kind of felt like a release of emotion. Finally, she’s briefing this man and she’s saying what she wants to Littlefinger, which is a big thing in itself.


She’s very blunt, very honest. It was very empowering. Why do you think she wouldn’t tell Jon Snow that she got the information from Littlefinger?

She doesn’t tell Jon because -- it’s difficult because she doesn’t have that Stark way about her anymore. She’s been broken down; she no longer feels like she can be completely honest with anyone, even her own family. Also she doesn’t want to tell Jon, I think, because she wants all the information and all the power in her court when it comes to Littlefinger. Because [with] Littlefinger she can kind of do whatever she wants with him now. He owes her big time and she wants the ball in her court.

This is a really exciting time for this character this year, where last year was a very sad time for the character.

Totally. It’s really, really exciting.

But how do you feel about the rampant dire wolf killing that’s been happening this season? Your character was one of the first to experience it, and now everyone is experiencing it. It’s brutal.

Wait! Wait, I haven’t seen the last two episodes! And I’m … wait … someone’s dire wolf dies? I’m watching it as a fan this time. Oh my God. You just spoiled me!

I’m so sorry. Do you only read the parts you’re in? I’m so sorry. Oh, gosh.


I can forgive you for thinking that I had watched it or read the scripts. But I haven’t. I decided that this season I’m watching it as a fan.

I’m very sorry. Well, I’m definitely not going to ask my next question then.

Oh my God, yes, please don’t spoil it. The only place I can watch it is at my parents’ house because I don’t have Sky in my house. So I have to go home every month or so and catch up.

I feel like HBO could hook you up if you wanted it.

No, I don’t think so -- but if you ever see someone from HBO, ask them.


Fingers crossed Sansa gets to put the sharp end of a dragonglass-tipped spear into someone soon (but hopefully not us for spoiling part of “The Door”).

It’s Sansa’s time, y’all.


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