‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ tickets are for sale, and already up on eBay

A lightsaber changes hands in a trailer for "The Force Awakens." Why didn't this scene make it into the movie?

A lightsaber changes hands in a trailer for “The Force Awakens.” Why didn’t this scene make it into the movie?


Tickets to the brand new "Star Wars" movie are available, and naturally so are the scalped versions on eBay. And if you're wondering why there are already scalped tickets available for a movie that will certainly screen on Dec. 18 and until the rest of time, forget it Jake, it's "Star Wars" town.

Fans, fiends, critics and fanatics have all been showing off their "Star Wars" ticket purchases online.

Or bemoaning a bad connection of faulty online ticket selling sites. As of 6 p.m. PT, both the Fandango and AMC Theaters site were moving very slowly (other sites are reporting a total shutdown).

El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood posted pictures of a line of people waiting around the corner for their tickets. Truly, there is no stopping the great hungry beast that is "Star Wars." Even yours truly purchased a set of opening-day tickets, which was surprisingly easier than expected earlier in the day. So much for the hype.

Meanwhile "Star Wars: Force Awakens" tickets are already popping up on ebay.