‘Lego Batman Movie’ trailer reminds us that Lego Batman is sometimes better than the real Batman


When “The Lego Movie” was announced, folks were skeptical. And why not? The idea of a film based entirely around a child’s plaything seemed like a two-hour commercial at best. But then Phil Lord and Christopher Miller’s movie debuted and you could hear the collective jaws from audience members around the world hit the floor with a thud.

It was funny, fresh, created out of fantastically mesmerizing Lego animation. The movie would go on to gross $469 million worldwide and spark a collection of spinoff films and a sequel. And today we’re met with the first teaser trailer for the spinoff movie for Lego Batman, one of the more beloved members of the “Lego Movie” builder bunch voiced by Will Arnett.

Now it’s Batman’s time to shine in his own feature film, “The Lego Batman Movie.” And unlike his current live-action movie counterparts, this Batman is funny. Arnett is back voicing the gravel-voiced, millionaire who loves black, gray and darker gray. Chris McKay, who was animation co-director and editor on the original “Lego Movie,” is directing.


The footage in this teaser trailer is both completely self-aware and charming, what other franchise could get away with 20 seconds of hot lobster thermidor microwaving action and still come across this endearing?

“The Lego Batman Movie” is scheduled to premiere on Feb. 10, 2017.


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