Images from “True Norwegian Black Metal” by Peter Beste
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“True Norwegian Black Metal” by Peter Beste

King ov Hell is the bassist and principal composer for the black-metal band Gorgoroth. His photo was taken by Peter Beste, a Houston photographer with a knack for penetrating the most secretive of popular music’s subcultures. Beste shows a different side of Norway in a new coffee-table book on the musical genre, “True Norwegian Black Metal.” (Peter Beste)
Kvitrafn drummed for Gorgoroth for several years, but his new project, Wardruna, employs deer-hide frame drums and ceremonial drums, mouth harp, clove / hoof rattles from deer and goats, bone flute, goat and cow horns, Hardanger fiddle and bowed lyres in the band’s ambient interpretations of ancient Nordic runes. (Peter Beste)
Nattefrost is a member of the band Carpathian Forest in another image from the book, which comes out May 15. (Peter Beste)
Frost, the original drummer with Gorgoroth and now with 1349, is heavily in demand as a session drummer on the black-metal scene. Here he is after performing with 1349 in Oslo, Norway. (Peter Beste)
Gaahl is the lead singer for Gorgoroth and Trelldom. He was imprisoned twice in the past seven years for assault and was the featured interview on “True Norwegian Black Metal,” a five-part series on, the broadcast network of Vice magazine. He lives in the remote, mountainous region of Espedal, which is his family name. The region has been in possession of the family for decades. (Peter Beste)