Sigourney Weaver voices a ship’s computer in ‘WALL-E’


SIGOURNEY WEAVER is back in outer space. No, not as the intrepid Ripley of the “Alien” sci-fi blockbusters, but as a ship’s computer in Disney’s new Pixar Animation Studios film, “WALL-E,” which opens June 27. The film was directed by Andrew Stanton (“Finding Nemo”).

“I think it was given to me because Andrew Stanton loves science fiction and is such a fan of the ‘Alien’ movies,” says Weaver. “And he thought it would be funny after having such an important computer mother in ‘Alien,’ if I played the ship’s computer. I’m playing such a small part, but it’s such a great movie to be a part of, I’d play the wastebasket.”

Weaver is one of the few human voices in the film -- Jeff Garlin of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” is featured as the ship’s captain. Most of the robots are voiced by sound designer Ben Burtt of “Star Wars” fame who took various sounds and combined them to create dialogue.


WALL-E is the last being left on Earth, programmed to clean up after mankind abandons the planet, leaving behind a vast trash dump. After 700 years of fighting a losing battle, WALL-E meets a robot named EVE, a probe sent back to Earth to check up on things. And the nano-sparks fly.

“WALL-E is just the dearest character,” Weaver says. “Leave it to Pixar to do a movie about Earth after the apocalypse that is so all-American.”

-- Susan King