Christopher Nolan
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PHOTOS: 2011 Oscar snubs

Christopher Nolan
Although many thought he was a shoo-in, the “Inception” director (seen here with the film’s star Leonardo DiCaprio, left) was passed over for a nomination. A silver lining: The movie found itself in the best picture category. (Melissa Moseley / Warner Bros.)
Julianne Moore
The red-headed half of the parenting duo in “The Kids Are All Right” didn’t receive a nomination, despite those awarded to costars Annette Bening (pictured, left) and Mark Ruffalo and a best picture nomination. (Suzanne Tenner / Associated Press)
Andrew Garfield
Having handed in a restrained performance as Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin in “The Social Network,” British actor Andrew Garfield was heralded by more than a few gurus of gold as the guy to beat in the supporting actor race. But it seems he was short a few friends in the academy. (Merrick Morton / Columbia Tristar)
Ben Affleck
The actor-director wasn’t able to parlay critical accolades and more than $92 million in box office receipts for his Boston-set bank heist thriller “The Town” into Oscar love.

Photo: Ben Affleck directs actor Jon Hamm while filming “The Town.” (Claire Folger / Warner Bros.)
‘Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer’
Alex Gibney’s documentary about fallen New York governor Spitzer didn’t make the cut, although the writer-director-producer won an Oscar in 2008 for “Taxi to the Dark Side” and was nominated for “Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room” in 2005. (Magnolia Pictures)
‘Waiting for “Superman” ’
Davis Guggenheim’s educational system exposé failed to get a nomination for best documentary, even though he won an Oscar in 2007 for the Al Gore environmental documentary “An Inconvenient Truth.” (Paramount Pictures)
Disney’s mega-budgeted, box-office hit was bumped out of the best animated feature category by French filmmaker Sylvain Chomet’s well-reviewed but little-seen “The Illusionist.” (Disney Enterprises, Inc. / Associated Press)
Mila Kunis
Although “Black Swan” ballerina Mila Kunis was nominated for a supporting actress Golden Globe this season, she and Barbara Hershey, who plays a maniacal mother in the film, went unrecognized by Oscar standard-bearers.

Meanwhile, the film was honored with a best picture nomination while director Darren Aronofsky and star Natalie Portman were recognized with nominations. (Niko Tavernise / Fox Searchlight / Associated Press)
Ryan Gosling
The “Blue Valentine” heartthrob was denied a space on the lead actor list, although his costar Michelle Williams was nominated for lead actress. (The Weinstein Co.)
Robert Duvall
His portrayal of a hermit in “Get Low” was overlooked for lead actor. He was also passed over for the Golden Globe nominations. (Sam Emerson / Sony Pictures Classics)
Mark Wahlberg
Although he received a Golden Globe nomination for his role in boxing drama “The Fighter,” Mark Wahlberg was passed over for a lead actor Oscar nomination. Christian Bale, left, who plays Wahlberg’s brother in the film, received an Oscar nomination, as did supporting actresses Amy Adams and Melissa Leo, the film’s director David O. Russell and the film itself. (Jojo Whilden / Associated Press)