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A Cameron timeline

For the past 10 years James Cameron fans have been desperate for a new feature film from the director. Conflicting information on what this project would be has been flying around the Internet for years, mostly because it seems the director could not make up his mind. Apparently Cameron has chosen to make the science fiction film “Avatar,” but fans would be wise to wait until the director has stepped behind the camera before they believe anything. Cameron has a history of changing his mind.

March 1998: “Titanic” wins 11 Oscars, including Cameron’s for best director. Cameron declares himself “King of the World” and divorces his 4th wife. (Kirk McKoy / LAT)
September 1998: Cameron had talked about making a “Spiderman” film, but as of this date, it is clear the project will not reach fruition because of legal battles over the rights to the characters.

March 1999: Rumors that Cameron was going to work on the “Planet of the Apes” remake are proved wrong and the project is offered to Michael Bay instead, before the film ultimately is directed by Tim Burton.

August 1999: Filming begins on Cameron’s first project since “Titanic,” the sci-fi television series “Dark Angel” starring Jessica Alba.

October 2000: “Dark Angel” premiers and Cameron tells the media he is producing and co-writing two fictional films about Mars. One is a 3-D film for IMAX, the other a five-part mini-series that would air on Fox. (Greg Corp / Fox)
February 2001: Reports circulate widely that Cameron is negotiating with the Russians to take a trip to outer space. (The trip hasn’t happened).

May 2001: Cameron gets another flurry of media attention when his production company Lightstorm Entertainment signs a five-year first-look deal with 20th Century Fox. Mentioned in the deal are plans to produce a 3-D Imax film about Mars (never happened) as well as “Solaris”, left, (did happen), “Ramses of the Damned” and a sequel to “True Lies” (never happened). (Bob Marshak / Twentieth Century Fox)
December 2002: “James Cameron’s Expedition: Bismarck” chronicling the director’s fascination with the German ship that sank 16,000 feet in the Atlantic airs on the Discovery Channel.

May 2002: Cameron declares he is ending his five-year hiatus from feature filmmaking and says he will make four films in the next five years.

April 2003: “Titanic 3D: Ghosts of the Abyss,” a documentary film about the wreckage of the Titanic, opens in theaters. (Walt Disney Pictures)
March 2004: Speaking at a Q&A session in London, Cameron says his next film is underway and although he won’t say what it was, he does say it is not “True Lies 2” or “Ramses of the Damned” or “Fathom,” another deep-sea adventure he had talked about making, or, for that matter, “Avatar.” Rae Sanchini, a chief excecutive at Lightstorm says they’re aiming for a Jan ’05 start date.

November 2004: While promoting another underwater 3-D documentary, “Aliens of the Deep,” Cameron tells reporters his next film will be a science fiction film called “Battle Angel,” and that he will start shooting in June of ’05.

December 2004: Entertainment Weekly reports that Cameron will direct a film called “The Dive.” (Ethan Miller / Getty Images)
August 2005: More details about “Battle Angel” surface--that the film will use motion capture technology, will be shot in 3-D and will be a love story between a human man and female cyborg.

2005-06: Cameron plays himself on HBO’s “Entourage,” where he casts the series star in a big screen version of “Aquaman.”

July 2006: The director tells the Hollywood Reporter he is targeting a summer 2008 release for his next project which he had referred to covertly as “Project 880” but publicly acknowledges is “Avatar,” a film he started writing 11 years ago. It is about a paraplegic war veteran who is brought to another planet inhabited by a humanoid race at odds with Earth’s citizens. (Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images)