Melania Trump thanks Emily Ratajkowski for defending her from disparagement

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Melania Trump thanks Emily Ratajkowski for defending her from disparagement

First Lady Melania Trump tweeted Monday for just the fifth time since taking over the @FLOTUS handle, thanking actress Emily Ratajkowski for her support.

Though Trump and Ratajkowski may differ when it comes to politics — Ratajkowski spoke at a Bernie Sanders rally in February 2016 — they are united when it comes to defending women from those who shame them for their sexuality.

That's long been Ratajkowski's stance, and in this instance, the woman she championed just happened to be Trump.

The actress tweeted Monday morning about an unidentified journalist from the New York Times who allegedly tried to slut-shame the first lady the night before, behavior Ratajkowski was having none of.

"I don't care about her nudes or sexual history," the actress tweeted, "and no one should."

Ratajkowski dismissed the actions as a disgusting gender-specific attack.

The model and actress, best known for sexually charged turns in "Gone Girl" and Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" video, has long been outspoken about the double standard invoked when it comes to women's sexuality.

"Look at pop culture: Mick Jagger is 73, and he still sometimes wears his shirt open and gyrates onstage. We understand that this is a part of his performance and artistic brand," Ratajkowski wrote in an essay for Glamour in September. "Meanwhile, when Madonna, who is 58 and a revolutionary in that same kind of artistic sexuality, wears a sheer dress to the Met Gala, critics call her 'a hot mess' who’s 'desperate.'"

In March 2016, Ratajkowski drew criticism from Piers Morgan after appearing in a topless selfie with Kim Kardashian.

"Do you want me to buy you some clothes? You look freezing," Morgan tweeted at Ratajkowski to which she tartly responded, "Thanks, but I don’t need clothes as much as you need press."

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