Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are being skewered by political street artists


With the presidential race coming to California, you might call this the street art primary.

Los Angeles street art and politics have always been intertwined. But this year's contested races have already produced some memorable work.

The latest are "No Trump Anytime" signs popping up around L.A. They look like city parking signs but have a clear political message.

According to KABC, the signs are the work of Plastic Jesus, who has done similar work including "No Kardashian Parking Anytime" parking signs. They have also been spotted in New York and Chicago.

Of course, Trump is not the only target of street art. Hillary Clinton has also been targeted both in L.A. and elsewhere.

But Trump does seem to get more than his fair share of attention from the artists around the world. Why? Plastic Jesus told KABC: "As a street artist, you want to get your message out there in the way you best know." Trump, by the way, is ahead in recent polls of California Republicans.



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