Is Hollywood out of touch with your America?

Do you think Hollywood has lost touch with American values?


When we talk about the failings of Hollywood, we often speak in terms of race and gender — the characters portrayed and the actors, writers and producers employed. But the human experience encompasses a whole lot more — socioeconomic status, political beliefs, sexuality and disability, to name a few.

Once upon a time, it seemed that Hollywood was routinely conditioned by society, and society by Hollywood. Shows like “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” “All in the Family,” its spinoff, “The Jeffersons,” and “Will and Grace” listened to budding public conversation and shoved touchy, sometimes-incendiary  topics into the spotlight. These shows were considered groundbreaking, and not just by Hollywood standards.

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But in a year that led to Donald Trump’s presidential win, it’s hard not to notice a gap in Hollywood’s stories. The onscreen absence of much of America’s thoughts and experiences has only been magnified by those in Hollywood who vowed to leave the country if Trump won. It’s a disconnect that’s palpable.

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