‘Idol': Season six’s giants: where are they now?
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‘Idol': Season 6 giants — where are they now?

‘Idol': Season six’s giants: where are they now?
By Stephanie Lysaght, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

‘Idol': Season 6 Giants — Where are they now?

From beat-boxing blondie Blake Lewis to rockin’ dental assistant Gina Glocksen, Season 6 had its share of unforgettable contestants. And then we forgot them. We checked up on last season’s top 12 to see who was living the dream, and who was still just dreaming. (Fox)
‘Idol': Season six’s giants: where are they now?
Blake Lewis

Stop the presses! Blake Lewis will be returning to the “American Idol” stage this season! He will perform his new single, “How Many Words,” which hits airwaves March 10.

Lewis talked to MTV News about his new album, “Audio Day Dream,” saying, “It’s my new genre I made up ... I call it 2080, because it’s a mix of all the great pop music that’s inspired me.”

A music video and tour are on the way. (Fox)
‘Idol': Season six’s giants: where are they now?
Melinda Doolittle

Melinda Doolittle spent Christmas touring with Christian musician Michael W. Smith. Then in early February, she released a recording of “My Funny Valentine,” available on iTunes. Now, Doolittle is busy recording an album, due out this fall.

When she’s not in the studio, Doolittle squeezes in performances at the White House or singing for wounded soldiers. Ever the do-gooder, Doolittle also works with the organization Malaria No More. Sheesh, Doolittle sounds more like Doo-a-lot to me. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.) (Fox)
‘Idol': Season six’s giants: where are they now?
Gina Glocksen

You remember Gina Glocksen, the rockin’ dental assistant of yesteryear. Well, Gina’s schedule is about to get pretty busy; she’s planning a wedding! On New Year’s Eve, Gina will tie the knot with high school science teacher Joe Ruzicka.

Beginning March 13, Glocksen will juggle her wedding-planning with a new TV gig, co-hosting “American Idol Extra” with Constantine Maroulis and JD Roberto. On the Fox Reality Channel series, Glocksen will interview Season 7’s top contenders and newly eliminated contestants. (Fox)
‘Idol': Season six’s giants: where are they now?
Sanjaya Malakar

After appearing in a production of “Black Nativity” in Seattle, the infamous Sanjaya Malakar moved to L.A. to pursue his singing career – and of course, his modeling and acting career too.

But maybe he’s better suited to be the next Ryan Seacrest! Also get your Sanjaya fix on the TV Guide Network this Sunday, when he hosts “Idol Stars: Where Are They Now.” (FOX)
‘Idol': Season six’s giants: where are they now?
Jordin Sparks

Jordin Sparks may not be competing on “Idol” anymore, but that doesn’t mean she’s just lazing around. The “Idol” winner has already released her self-titled debut album with the hit single “Tattoo,” and she’s touring with Alicia Keys this spring. (Fox)
‘Idol': Season six’s giants: where are they now?
Haley Scarnato

Have a hankering for some Haley Scarnato? Well, you’re in luck; the leggy brunette is slated to appear at the Los Angeles International Boat Show this month.

To watch Haley’s commentary of the boat show (and to see whether or not she wears short shorts) check out PerformanceBoats.com. (Fox)
‘Idol': Season six’s giants: where are they now?
Brandon Rogers

Brandon Rogers, far left, is pursuing acting. So far, he’s appeared on an episode of “Bones.” Also, look for him on the upcoming Web series, “Valley Peaks.” (Fox)
‘Idol': Season six’s giants: where are they now?
Chris Richardson

Chris was certainly the tastiest “A.I.” contestant last season, so it’s only fitting that he tour for Dreyer’s/ Edy’s ice cream. Beginning this month, Chris and the Doolittle herself will commence their 20-city tour. (Fox)
‘Idol': Season six’s giants: where are they now?
Stephanie Edwards

Stephanie Edwards was last seen performing at the Savannah, Ga., Christmas tree lighting ceremony. (Fox)
‘Idol': Season six’s giants: where are they now?
LaKisha Jones

LaKisha Jones parlayed her success on “Idol” into a career on Broadway. Since December, she has appeared as the church soloist in “The Color Purple.” The show wraps up this month, but look for Jones’ debut R&B album this spring. (Fox)
‘Idol': Season six’s giants: where are they now?
Phil Stacey

After “Idol”, Phil Stacey packed up and moved his wife Kendra and daughters Chloe and McKayla to Nashville. He signed with Lyric Street Records and released a single called “If You Didn’t Love Me.” Look for Stacey’s self-titled debut album on April 29.

Phil has finished his four year commitment to the U.S. Navy, and is now a member of the Navy Reserves.

For more updates, visit Stacey’s weekly blog on the usatoday.com. (FOX)
‘Idol': Season six’s giants: where are they now?
Chris Sligh

Thanks to his run on “Idol,” Chris Sligh landed a record deal with Brash Music. Look for Sligh’s debut album, “Running Back to You,” on May 6; you can pre-order an autographed copy now at chrissligh.com.

Sligh will soon kick off a promotional tour for his single, “Empty Me,” stopping in Dallas, Los Angeles, and everywhere in between. For Sligh’s thoughts on Season 7, check out Entertainment Weekly online, where he is a commentator. (Fox)