‘The Real World: New York,’ 1992
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25 memorable moments from MTV’s ‘Real World’

‘The Real World: New York,’ 1992
By Yvonne Villarreal and Gerrick Kennedy, Los Angeles Times staff writers

Memorable moment: Kevin and Julie’s intense race argument on the streets of NYC (MTV)
‘The Real World: Los Angeles,’ 1993
Memorable moment: In a heated argument David rips the blanket off of a bikini-clad Tami. The girls scream “rape,” he is sent home. To this day “it wasn’t not funny.” (MTV)
‘The Real World: San Francisco,’ 1994
Memorable moment: American audiences witness the first civil union on reality TV ... and they are educated on the phenomenon known as Puck. (MTV)
‘The Real World: London,’ 1995
Memorable moment: Neil gets his tongue practically bitten off while performing on stage with his band. (MTV)
‘The Real World: Miami,’ 1996
Memorable moment: Alcohol and a hot tub lead to the first threesome in reality TV. Fast-forward to present day, where it’s almost a requirement. (MTV)
‘The Real World: Boston,’ 1997
Memorable moment: Montana supposedly gives an underage boy booze, while working as a community volunteer. (MTV)
‘The Real World: Seattle,’ 1998
Memorable moment: Stephen delivers the slap heard around the world. (MTV)
‘The Real World: Hawaii,’ 1999
Memorable moment: It only took five minutes for cast members Ruthie and Teck to christen the house pool with a skinny dip -- but the rest of the season was the Ruthie show as she dealt with alcoholism, including a trip to rehab and the first time viewers saw producers intervene. (MTV)
‘The Real World: New Orleans,’ 2000
Memorable moment: New seasons in the show reached a new plateau: the cast was the first (and to date the only) to be featured on the cover of TV Guide. (MTV)
‘The Real World: Back to New York,’ 2001
Memorable moment: Though most of the cast laughed off his dreams of becoming a pro wrestler for World Wrestling Entertainment, Mike “Miz” Mizanin had the last laugh when he became a champion in the “Raw” franchise. (MTV)
‘The Real World: Chicago,’ 2002
Memorable moment: Viewers undoubtedly weeped when they saw the cast dealing with the Sept. 11 attacks. Sadly the tearful reactions were staged as the cast revealed they were at Wrigley Field for a photo shoot. (MTV)
‘The Real World: Las Vegas,’ 2002-03
Memorable moment: Hottub + sexual curiosity x high levels of booze divided by seven strangers = pure debauchery and a new (low) for the show. Cue a pregnancy scare?! (MTV)
‘The Real World: Paris,’ 2003
Memorable moment: CT ushered in a wave of macho outbursts that made Puck look like a gentleman. (MTV)
‘The Real World: San Diego,’ 2004
Memorable moment: A rape allegation hit the series before it aired; during the show one cast member landed in rehab. Sadly after airing, another died as the result of a rare illness we saw her deal with on the show. (MTV)
‘The Real World: Philadelphia,’ 2004-05
Memorable moment: Though MTV thought it had its formulaic casting down to a science, the lone black cast member came out, surprising the entire cast, which already included a gay cast member. (MTV)
‘The Real World: Austin,’ 2005
Memorable moment: Cast member Danny had a pretty tough season. He was seriously injured in a brawl which required surgery, and he had to make a somber trip home to bury his estranged mother. (MTV)
‘The Real World: Key West,’ 2006
Memorable moment: Hurricane Rita forced the cast to evacuate and head over to a hotel. Although glamorous, the cramped quarters led to more fights than viewers were ready for. (MTV)
‘The Real World: Denver,’ 2006-07
Memorable moment: The cast focused less on the bars, and more on the displaced kids for Hurricane Katrina they volunteered with – though one roommate spent more time than necessary with a colleague. (MTV)
‘The Real World: Sydney,’ 2007-08
Memorable moment: A roomie uses his psychic ability to predict a family member’s death, one moves out in the pursuit of a relationship, one now does reality porn on the Playboy channel. And to think this cast wasn’t memorable while they were on the air. (MTV)
‘The Real World: Hollywood,’ 2008
Memorable moment: The drama of starving artists trying to make it in the big city prompted MTV to change the show into hour-long installments. (MTV)
‘The Real World: Brooklyn,’ 2009
Memorable moment: It took more than 20 seasons but viewers finally got to witness the struggle of a solider -- suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder -- returning home from Iraq, only to be redeployed. Also the show cast its first transgendered roommate. (MTV)
‘The Real World: Cancun,’ 2009
Memorable moment: Only the fourth time the show ventured outside of the United States -- sorry, that’s really all that was memorable. (MTV)
‘The Real World: Washington,’ 2009-10
Memorable moment: With the cast free to explore their own jobs, one roommate used his personal struggles with sexuality to become a gay activist, and even got pretty close to meeting President Obama. (MTV)
‘The Real World: New Orleans,’ 2010
Memorable moment: It was a season ripe with cast drama that included homophobia, racism and sexism; one roommate even peed on a cast mate’s toothbrush. The retaliation? The victim shoved the perpetrator’s cigarettes up his, err, backside and repackaged them.

FOR THE RECORD: A previous version of this slide incorrectly identified the cast as from “The Real World: Washington.”
‘The Real World: Las Vegas,’ 2011
Memorable moment: We’ll have to wait and see but with an ex-porn star in the mix and a tricked-out pad at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino it’s sure to generate drama. (MTV)