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Jason Statham’s Tough Guy Hall of Fame

Geoff Boucher, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

Jason Statham’s Tough Guy Hall of Fame

Jason Statham isn’t just an action-movie actor; he’s also an intense fan of the genre. He gave us a rundown of the two-fisted stars who matter most to him. Although there were some obvious choices (such as his co-star in the new film “War,” martial arts legend Jet Li), there were a couple of surprises, among them a certain Mafia-movie icon better known for driving taxis than blowing them up. (Mark Boster / LAT)
Jet Li

“He’s amazing. I don’t know what he weighs, but he ain’t a big guy. But he’s got such an energy. He’s a bundle of energy and power. When he grabs you or punches you, you’re like, ' ... What was that?’ To do a fight scene with him is like, wow. That’s Jet Li. I’m going to show the kids that one someday. Jet Li is one of the best martial arts fighters in the world.” (Universal Studios Home Entertainment)
Jackie Chan

“My favorite guys are the ones I actually believe are doing it, the stunts and all.... They’re not told to sit in a chair and let the stuntman do it. You can tell who are doing their own stunts and who ain’t. You can tell by how many cuts there are. The people who are authentic, those are the ones I watch and want to watch. Jackie Chan is one of those guys, absolutely.” (New Line Cinema)
Sylvester Stallone

“ ‘Rambo,’ Rocky,’ ‘First Blood.’ Those movies, again, are the ones I grew up with. And you really identify with those characters in those movies, right? You can feel what they’re going through.” (MGM)
Bruce Willis

“Arnold, Stallone, Mel Gibson and Bruce Willis, they’re all from that same bucket of greatness to me. I really like Willis. I think he has this Everyman quality. He’s really likable. You can’t help but love him, right? Those ‘Die Hard’ movie were just sick. Even the new one, it’s just so good. I love Bruce Willis movies.” (Associated Press)
Matt Damon

“I just love the Jason Bourne films. I would love to make one of those movies. The adult tone and the way they film the [claustrophobic] fight scenes. You really feel it, don’t ya? It’d be great to make a whole fight scene in an airplane bathroom. Just a lot of head-butting, right?” (Jasin Boland, Associated Press)
Bruce Lee

“My ultimate all-time hero is Bruce Lee. The power, the speed, the style, the sheer coolness. So unique. He invented a style and had a unique approach to everything he did. Wow. The guy is just phenomenal. I could watch his movies all day. He’s the one.” (Associated Press)