On my TiVo: Dan Sterling
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TiVo drain: What’s left

Dan Sterling, executive producer, ‘The Sarah Silverman Program’

“[Four episodes] of the Ken Burns documentary ‘The War’ which I will probably never watch.

All episodes of a 19-part Vietnam documentary ‘The Ten Thousand Day War,’ which I probably will never watch. I guess I have a fondness for making the pretense of being interested in war documentaries. There could be worse things to have pretenses of.

A couple episodes of ‘House’ I haven’t seen.

An episode of ‘Hanna Montana’ which I recorded just so I could understand what’s exciting to all the kids. At this point, I have no reason to believe it’s not a brilliant show.” (U.S. National Archives and Records Administration)
Henry Meyers, writer, ‘Ugly Betty’

I’m in serious need of TiVo maintenance. Currently, I have on it:

- An ‘American Experience’ from many years ago (the last installment of the Rick Burns ‘New York’ documentary, dealing with the Twin Towers -- haven’t been able to bring myself to watch it.

- My TiVo continues to get reruns of ‘Colbert’ and ‘The Daily Show’ -- it gets 4-5 a day and deletes them by the end of the day.

- An old episode of ‘Futurama,’ from reruns on Comedy Central.

- Five episodes of ‘Greek,’ the ABC family show -- I’ve been catching up slowly.

- The most recent rerun of ‘How I Met Your Mother

- Four episodes of ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

- The most recent ‘Late Show With David Letterman

- Seven episodes of ‘Mad Men’ (my wife and I have been catching up slowly).

- One episode of ‘Molto Mario’ [about] gnocchi, going back many years -- I still watch it for cooking tips.

- One rerun of ‘Northern Exposure

- One episode of ‘POV’ about Herge, the man who created the Belgian comic book ‘Tintin’ (I am a fan).

- The most recent ‘Project Runway

- Two episodes of ‘Pushing Daisies

- Two episodes of ‘The Riches

- Nine episodes -- the bulk of the second season of ‘Rome

- Four ‘Seinfeld’ reruns.

- ’Superman Returns

And, last but certainly not least, an episode of ‘Ugly Betty.’ “

Wow, I feel kind of pathetic I haven’t made it through more of that stuff. (HBO)
Jenni Konner, executive producer, ‘Help Me Help You’

“My TiVo is currently out of order. It’s KILLING me … but before it went on the fritz, it was basically just ‘Sesame Street,’ ‘Dora the Explorer’ and ‘World Girl.’ My 4-year-old is winning. So depressing. If it were working, it would probably be ‘Project Runway’ and ‘Gossip Girl.’ ”

An earlier version of this item misspelled the last name of Jenni Konner as Konnor.

 (Sesame Workshop / ITVS)
Perez Hilton, celebrity blogger, Perezhilton.com

“The only show I have on my TiVo is ‘What Perez Sez.’ Yeah, my own show on VH1! Ha.”

(Ed note: We don’t buy this). (Dima Gavrysh / Associated Press)
Iris Bahr, writer, performer, solo show: “Dai (Enough)”

“Well, personally, I have found myself fascinated by ‘America’s Next Top Model,’ engaging in pseudo marathons (I’ve been an open wound the last two months performing my solo show about a Tel Aviv suicide bombing every day here in NYC, so I’ve found ‘ANTM’ to be a welcome respite. Albeit an emotional one, as I find myself sobbing every time the girls accidentally make a slightly awkward face and ruin their high-stakes photo shoot.”

An earlier version of this item referred to Bahr’s solo show “Dai (Enough)” as “Dai, Dork Whore: a memoir.”

 (The CW)
Ken Levine, writer/blogger, kenlevine.blogspot.com

“My DVR is filled with old episodes of ‘Burke’s Law’ and ‘The Bob Newhart Show,’ a couple of classic Dodger games, some PBS Roy Orbison concert from probably 1937, episodes of the British ‘Coupling,’ ‘Real Time With Bill Maher,’ the latest UCLA basketball game, ‘30 Rock,’ ‘House,’ ‘Beany and Cecil’ (from the KTLA anniversary marathon), and HBO’s ‘Co-Ed Confidential 10: When Virgins Attack.’ ”

An earlier version of this item referred to the early KTLA-TV show “Beany and Cecil” as “Beanie and Cecil.”

Peter Blake, co-executive producer, ‘House’

“ ‘Noticias 22’ (I’m trying to learn Spanish) and a few old episodes of ‘The Sarah Silverman Program’. And I’ve a big space left open for the first season of ‘Breaking Bad.’ ” (Evans Vestal Ward / Comedy Central)
Claude Brodesser-Akner, host, KCRW’s ‘The Business,’ L.A. bureau chief, ‘Advertising Age’

“Movies, mostly, most of them bad (‘Accepted,’ ‘Scoop’), and a few classics that we always keep on it (i.e. ‘The Conversation’ -- my wife’s favorite film ever, and mine, ‘The Departed,’ which I could watch over and over until my eyes dried out). There’s also many half-watched films (i.e., George Roy Hill’s vastly underrated ‘The Great Waldo Pepper’) which I keep meaning to get to but my 8-week-old keeps insisting on being fed and changed regularly.

Oh, and every episode of ‘Spin City’ ever taped, since my wife has a not-so-secret crush on Michael J. Fox dating back to 1985.

There’s also a few newsy odds-and-ends, like the last episode of ‘The Daily Show’ from before the strike, which I recorded because I knew I’d be quoting what Stewart said about the strike for Ad Age, and a recent ‘Newshour with Jim Lehrer’ my wife taped, because I was on the show talking about the strike and she gets nachas from that kind of stuff.

We still tape episodes of ‘30 Rock’ because we know that Alec Baldwin wasted years in Hollywood making execrable dreck like ‘Mercury Rising’ when he’s the most gifted comic actor of his generation and watching it regularly seems to undo some of the damage.” (Bill Foley / ABC)
Mike Sampson, editor-in-chief, JoBlo.com

“Our TiVo isn’t exactly shrinking, it’s just shrinking in quality. It used to be chock-full of episodes of ‘The Geek Five,’ ‘Lost,’ ‘The Office,’ ‘30 Rock,’ ‘Heroes’ and ‘24.’ Now we rely on that pseudo-educational programming on Discovery and the Science Channel. I like ‘Survivorman’ but do I really need this many episodes on my TiVo? What does my wife plan to do with 13 episodes of ‘Knitty Gritty

I’ve also tried to use this time to catch up on series that I’ve heard were good but never got around to. Turns out ‘Ugly Betty’ isn’t that good after all. For us, the true saving grace has been Netflix. We’re moving through our queue at record speeds. Of course, I’d give it all up in a second for a full season of ‘Lost’...

We’re also actually saving programs longer. It used to be watch and delete. Now I’m saving shows and re-watching. Hey, a recycled ‘30 Rock’ is better than a new ‘Deal Or No Deal’ any day of the week, right? (Laura Bombier / Discovery)
Eli Attie, co-executive producer, ‘House’

“I must say, I’m out of scripted shows, so I’ve begun TiVo-ing what you might call perennials -- I comb through Turner Classic Movies hoping to catch a great old Bogart or Cary Grant movie. I’ve been obsessively watching the VH1 Classic ‘Classic Albums’ documentaries, and I’m spending much more time watching the Sunday political shows than I used to.

In fact, in general, the dregs of my TiVo -- things, like the Sunday political talk shows and ‘Charlie Rose’ -- which I really just TiVo to pretend I’m an East Coast intellectual and not feel too guilty about the stuff I really watch -- is actually getting watched now.”

(Pictured: Humphrey Bogart and Robert Blake in “The Treasure of the Sierra Madre” ) (Courtesy of LACMA)
Mark Lisanti, editor, Defamer.com

“Reruns of ‘Mad Men,’ ‘American Gladiators,’ reruns of ‘The Office,’ reruns of ‘30 Rock.’ ” (Craig Blankenhorn / Associated Press)
Clay Dollarhide, entertainment publicist

“Oh, I have resorted to watching all my TiVo suggestions … which means ‘Degrassi’ reruns from 2005, ‘The Bizarre Foods Show’ on Travel Channel and ‘Arrested Development’ on HDNet.”

(Pictured: “Degrassi: The Next Generation”) (Stephen Scott / Epitome Pictures Inc.)
Dayna L. North, producer, ‘Lincoln Heights’

“It’s not drastic or noticeable in terms of what I have. The difference now is ... well, it’s like eating decent or well as opposed to eating [garbage] ... The quality has gone down.”

(Pictured: A garbage crisis in southern Italy mirrors a TiVo devotee’s feelings.) (Salvatore Laporta / Associated Press)