‘Shedding for the Wedding’
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Wedding reality TV: A quick guide

‘Shedding for the Wedding’
By Emily Christianson, Los Angeles Times

The CW’s “Shedding for the Wedding” makes marriage happen “Biggest Loser” style. Overweight couples work their booties off in the gym with world-class trainers and face off for prizes, such as invitations and rings. At the end of the season, the final two couples compete for their dream nuptials, while previously eliminated couples return for a chance at a fantasy honeymoon. (Patrick Wymore / CW)
“Bridalplasty” didn’t come without controversy. The E! reality show recruits engaged women to compete in wedding-themed challenges for the chance to win plastic surgery procedures off their wish lists. The grand prize includes a dream wedding and multiple surgeries. (E Online)
‘My Fair Wedding’
Premiere wedding planner David Tutera puts his personal touch on ceremonies in New York and across the U.S. in “My Fair Wedding With David Tutera.” The star coordinator of WE selects women based on submitted videos and comes to their rescue just weeks before the nuptials. (WE)
‘Say Yes to the Dress’
The staff at Kleinfeld Bridal has their hands full helping brides pick out the perfect dress for their big day. Whether it’s handling the fittings or the family members, these gown gurus go to extremes to get the bride to “Say Yes to the Dress” on this TLC reality show. (TLC)
‘Platinum Weddings’
Bride’s can live vicariously through the couples on WEtv’s “Platinum Wedding,” where every indulgence and demand is met and money is no object. Flower chandeliers, designer dresses, diamond confetti -- you name it, they’ve done it. (WEtv)
Few brides can avoid a meltdown before their wedding, and the folks at WEtv make it their business to catch these fits on tape. Stomping and screaming are the norm on “Bridezilla,” as women encounter everything from bakery screw-ups to party poopers. (WEtv)
‘Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?’
The Style Network’s “Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?” follows couples across the country as they plan out their dream weddings with the help of a planner. Couples get a chance to express their individuality while exploring culture and tradition, all with the assistance of a pro. (Curtis Smith Photography)
‘Four Weddings’
TLC puts a competitive edge on nuptials with “Four Weddings.” The show has brides vying for a chance at their dream honeymoon and meanwhile casting judgment on their peers wedding-planning skills. (TLC)