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Fan favorites: Vote for your top 2010 pop culture picks

By Emily Christianson, Los Angeles Times

The Los Angeles Times critics had a chance to share their favorite films, television shows and music from 2010, and now it’s your turn. Click ahead to vote for your top pop culture picks of the year. (Clockwise from top left: Natalie Portman, credit: Fox Searchlight; Kanye West, credit: Associated Press; Matthew Fox, credit: ABC; Lindsay Lohan, credit: Associated Press.)
The award shows are right around the corner, and this year’s crop of contenders is tub-thumping in a big way. Not a member of the academy or Hollywood Foreign Press Assn.? That’s OK, vote for your favorite film anyway.

 (James Franco in “127 Hours.” Credit: Chuck Zlotnick / Associated Press)
Whether you’re into zombies, serial killers, glee clubs or sketch comedy, the TV shows of 2010 had you covered. The real question is, which show would you rush home to watch?

 (“The Walking Dead.” Credit: Scott Garfield / AMC)
Which 2010 album was your music must-have? Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Arcade Fire and Kanye West all released new albums this year.

 (Justin Bieber. Credit: Peter Kramer / Associated Press)
Besides some great entertainment, 2010 brought us some captivating celebrity news too, from the Mel Gibson tape scandal to the royal engagement. Which big news story held your attention this year?

 (Lindsay Lohan. Credit: Reed Saxon / Associated Press)
3-D gave movies a big boost at the box office this year, but audiences quickly learned that not all 3-D films are created equal. With more than 20 to choose from, there were bound to be some stinkers (remember “The Last Airbender”?) and a few standouts too. So, tell us, which one did you think was worth the hefty ticket price?

 (“Megamind.” Credit: DreamWorks Animation)
2010 meant saying goodbye to a few old on-screen friends, like “Scrubs’ ” J.D., “24’s” Jack Bauer and “Law & Order’s” Jack McCoy. Which show will you miss the most?

 (“Lost.” Credit: Mario Perez / ABC)
Some of the year’s most talked-about singles couldn’t even be played on the radio, at least not without major edits. “Runaway” by Kanye West, pictured, is a provocative look at the superstar’s mistakes, while Cee Lo’s “Forget You,” which is the title used by PG publications, is a bouncy kiss-off. But if you wanted something a little more G-rated, 2010 offered plenty of those as well, from indie rock ( Arcade Fire‘s “We Used to Wait”) to country-pop ( Taylor Swift‘s “Speak Now”).

 (Associated Press)
Biopics were all the rage this year, but documentaries, such as “Waiting for ‘Superman,’ ” pictured, had a resurgence too, giving politics, education and war a closer look. Did one of these true stories intrigue you?

 (Paramount Pictures)
Old favorites like “Lost” weren’t the only shows to get the boot in 2010. Many new shows got nixed too, some after just a few episodes. Were any of these worth saving?

 (Donal Logue, left, and Michael Raymond-James in “Terriers.” Credit: Mike Muller / FX)
Country music is hotter than ever, with new acts joining the scene all the time. Which 2010 release got you doing the two-step?

 (Taylor Swift. Credit: Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times)