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Super slim-downs: ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Wanna lose weight? Well, all it takes is becoming a B-list celebrity, dropping off the face of the Earth for a while, and then making a comeback on “Dancing With the Stars.” Forget “The Biggest Loser”! The “Dancing With the Stars” contestants have dropped some serious poundage and they did it dancing, which is far more entertaining than towing airplanes across a runway. (Seriously, what sadist creates the challenges on “The Biggest Loser”?) (Associated Press)
Kirstie Alley drops the pounds
The Emmy winner lost her “Fat Actress” status as she slimmed down while making her way into the final three during Season 12. Her humorous bickering with “DWTS” pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy also helped her fit into the hearts of numerous viewers, despite her patchy start in the competition and a headline-making tumble just a few episodes into the season.

“I wasn’t so hungry when I was dancing,” she told People. “That, coupled with insane amounts of dancing, I’m sure I lost it faster. ... I had the energy the whole way through it, and that was sort of astonishing.” (Richard Knapp / ABC)
Fit and fashionable Kelly Osbourne
Season 9 contestant Kelly Osbourne is now a fashion maven, hitting red carpets in the latest designs and serving as a commentator on E!'s “Fashion Police” with Joan Rivers. Her dance partner, Louis van Amstel, taught her about nutrition during her season, which prompted her to lose 20 pounds and make it to the final three.

“He made me eat turkey burgers and salads and explained to me that a high-protein, low-carb diet would keep me energized,” she told Shape magazine. “Then I started losing weight and realized, ‘Oh, it’s true what they say: Diet and exercise really work!’ ” (Ann Johansson / For The Times; ABC)
Donny Osmond has better luck than his sister
The season 9 champion received the coveted mirror ball trophy, beating out sister Marie Osmond‘s final three spot in an earlier season. Osmond said he dropped at least 20 pounds during his run on the show with partner Kym Johnson and has been able to maintain a lean figure since.

“I weighed myself last night,” he told OK! magazine minutes after winning. “Every part of my body hurts, especially my broken toe. But that’s all right. I got the mirror ball. Who cares?!!” (Craig Sjodin / ABC)
Niecy Nash wants to flaunt her ‘jiggly parts’
The season 10 contestant was adamant about maintaining her “jiggly parts” during her season. But the rigorous training with partner Louis van Amstel toned her down to a size 8 (and 10) but still maintained the jiggly quotient she wanted

“All this dancing and running around -- I deserve a cookie,” Nash said. “If I ever feel I’m getting too big for my own comfort level, I go back to counting calories.”

The “Clean House” host had great spirit and loved who she was, but when she was voted off, she was happy not to withhold on the snacks anymore. (Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times; ABC)
Tia sheds her baby bulk
“Wayne’s World” hottie Tia Carrere has one of the most impressive “DWTS” success stories of all. After giving birth to her daughter, she dropped 25 pounds on the show and has kept it off.

It also didn’t hurt that she was sticking to the NutriFit meal program. “They give you three meals -- portion control -- and then three snacks,” Tia told Extra. “If 20 million people were watching your weight loss progress on television, you’d be sticking to it too, right?” (Los Angeles Times / Getty Images)
Steve Sanders’ super slimdown
Steve Sand -- er -- Ian Ziering dropped an impressive 12 pounds on “DWTS” and has been able to maintain a leaner physique since.

“I am feeling a lot sexier naked now which is kind of nice,” the Season 4 contestant told “Access Hollywood.” “I sweat through two or three T-shirts every couple of hours,” he said. Wow, guess all those sweaty Ian Ziering shirts on EBay were real after all. (ABC, Eric Charbonneau / BEI)
Jennie’s husband likes what he sees
Jennie Garth wasn’t the only one stoked about her hot new bod after Season 5 of “Dancing With the Stars.” Her hubby, Peter Facinelli of “Twilight” fame, dug it too.

“I said it’s like I got a new car,” Facinelli told “Access Hollywood.” Garth censored her hot-and-bothered husband by covering his mouth and reprimanding him. “This is a family show.” (ABC)
Billy Ray Cyrus’ Achy Breaky Heart and six-pack abs
Country crooner Billy is now best known as Miley Cyrus’ dad. Well, young Miley is no longer the only one in the Cyrus family with a rockin’ bod.

“I’m probably about 13 pounds lighter right now than the day that I met [my dance partner],” he told “Access Hollywood” during Season 4. Since the show, Cyrus has worked on youth nutrition programs to promote healthy habits.

“I think the most important food lesson is to drink plenty of water,” he told OK! in 2009. “I always tell them to drink lots of water. Especially with the teenagers -- drink lots of water. It cleans them out, keeps their body hydrated.” (Los Angeles Times / ABC)
Mogul makeover
Business tycoon Mark Cuban may not have won the final prize on Season 5 of “Dancing With the Stars,” but he did win one thing: a new body.

“I’m down 34 pounds,” Mark told OK! at the time. “I was about 225. Now I’m at 191. It’s incredible. My wife is grabbing my arms now, feeling my stomach.” He’s kept off the weight by adhering to strict workout routines, but perhaps owning an team of fit men like the Dallas Mavericks helped with that too. (Associated Press / ABC)
Marie Osmond passes out
Marie dropped some serious poundage on Season 5 of “Dancing With the Stars,” but her diet and exercise regimen may have been too rigorous: She passed out during judging.

In response to speculations about the incident, Osmond told ExtraTV, “First of all, I can’t be anorexic. I like food too much… I’m not on diet pills. And I have to tell you, honestly, with NutriSystem you eat all the time.”

Like Joey Fatone, Osmond used Nutrisystem in conjunction with her dancing training. (ABC)