Odd, Weird and Offbeat News

Bruno opens Amsterdam "pink light" brothel

Wallet stolen in 1982 found in NYC tree; $20 gone

Letourneau hosts 'Hot for Teacher' night at bar

A teacher who became notorious in the 1990s for having an affair with a sixth-grader is hosting a "Hot for Teacher" night at a Seattle bar - along with the

Man tried to hire prostitute for his son, 14

Man cut off, ate finger to protest overdue wages

Farmers fear pigs may get 'swine' flu from people

Man, 84, fights off carjackers with groin kick

Man bites python who dragged him up a tree

Karate expert kills two over lice infection

The Road to Area 51

Porterhouse sizzles at bulldog beauty contest

2-nosed bunny found in Conn. pet shop

Barstool crash serves up drunk driving charge

Arsonist escapes prison by clinging under security van

Cops: Man finds cell phone and demands owner pay $300 for it back

Woman who sued police dog over buttocks bite fined

'Dumbest criminal' tries to rob officer at a cop convention gathering

Crash pilot who paused to pray is convicted

Special Olympics bowler: I can beat the president

Surprising marriage ends in bizarre Ohio killing

Legally blind man saves woman from attacker

Wife divorcing ex-CEO: $43 million not enough

La. police arrest growling man on drug charges

Dog eats $400, but woman recovers some cash later

Wash. man caught in HOV lane with unbuckled dummy

Man unwisely tries to rob Tae Kwon Do studio

Washing machine liberated women most?

Octopus gets inside lunchbox at Boston aquarium

Man assaults Chuck E. Cheese mascot

Boy marries dog to ward off tiger attacks

Woman's record-length fingernails broken in crash

Report: British boy becomes father at 13

Two Burmese survive month at sea in an ice box

Ind. man, 72, shaves shaggy eyebrows for charity

Fleeing suspect picks the wrong place to hide

NJ man posed as female veterinarian, police say

'American Idol' sues over 'Stripper Idol' contest

Australia offers up 'best job': lounge in paradise

Would-be bride, 107, seeks first husband

Rare tree kangaroo species has twins at Neb. zoo

Pair accused of assault over unappreciated gift

Police seek blow-up doll sex bandit

Gulp! Mexico tells citizens to swallow their gum

Report: Schools spent $67K on cappuccino machines

Driver warned of jail's sexual gorillas

Some women threaten no sex if their men shoot fireworks

Woman, 89, who kept boy's football, sues parents

Man tries to fool cops by calling 911 during stop

Ore. woman, 88, gives naked intruder the 'squeeze'

Tick tock ... tick: Extra second added to 2008

Woman slips out of cuffs and allegedly kicks cops

Man accused of ramming wheelchair into officer

Detective asks to use bathroom, finds stolen gun

Let it snow: China builds "world's largest" ice Santa

Father offers daughter to shoe-thrower