Scarlett Johansson wonders, why you gotta be so rude?


Scarlett Johansson can grasp her popularity, but she’s still curious as to why some of her fans aren’t minding their manners.

As she observed while making the rounds to promote her turn as Black Widow in Joss Whedon’s “The Avengers,” some folks just don’t understand boundaries.

“I’m constantly surprised by how rude people are,” she confessed. “You’ll be having an intimate dinner with a friend and there’s somebody on the table behind with a camera phone pointing at your face.”


But before you suspect she’s out of touch, know that Johansson would take her own advice.

“I think, ‘I would never take a photo of someone without asking,’ ” she said.

It’s not lost on the Ministry that even Scarlett’s own smartphone photos have caused her distress — but alas, avoiding cameras entirely is hardly an option for a world-famous actress. She’s handling it.

“I’m not traumatized [by it] but I find it can bring out the worst in humanity sometimes.”


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