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Robert Pattinson on ‘GMA’: No hot dish, no cold cereal, please

Robert Pattinson isn’t interested in selling his personal life. And he’s not much interested in eating your Cinnamon Toast Crunch, either,"Good Morning America.”

“GMA” on Wednesday attempted to replicate the amusement we saw with Jon Stewart’s “just a couple of gals sitting around talking” moment Monday night, when he offered Pattinson ice cream on “The Daily Show,” noted the phenomenon of watching the world as a whole try to get over a breakup, and wished the actor well getting over his personal problems in private. But Pattinson wasn’t about to eat his “favorite breakfast cereal” while chatting with George Stephanopoulos.

Note to everyone: Jon Stewart is funnier, so don’t even try.

Not that “Cosmopolis" star Pattinson — who works without a publicist and has quite the dry wit — is any slouch in the humor department.


“If you took away publicists and things and people spoke for themselves, then they’d be responsible for their words,” he said. “I do have a manager who’s a de-facto publicist.

“He gives great advice so I can disregard it.”

In steering the chat in the “Cosmopolis" direction, the actor made famous by “Twilight" acknowledged the fascination with his real-life details, made more dramatic recently when girlfriend Kristen Stewart was photographed making out with the director of her film "Snow White and the Huntsman.”

“I’ve never been interested in trying to sell my personal life and that’s really the only reason people bring it up,” Pattinson said Wednesday before adding, “The reason you go on to TV is to promote movies. That’s the only way to do it.”


That said, the swarm of attention that surrounds him isn’t going anywhere soon -- and it’s a frenzy he’s still not used to years down the line.

“I think if you start getting used to it, it means you’re going crazy. It’s nice. It’s crazy. It’s like being on the craziest theme park ride ...

“It’s totally exciting, but eventually at some point you’ve got to have a break.”


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