Short Broadway run for Katie Holmes: ‘Dead Accounts’ to close Jan. 6

A closing notice was posted Thursday for “Dead Accounts,” the Theresa Rebeck play that brought actress and Tom Cruise ex Katie Holmes back to Broadway this fall.

The play ran for 27 preview performances and by the time it closes a week from Sunday, will have given 44 regular performances.

Advertisement quoted producer Jeffrey Finn saying, “I am extremely proud of this production and the cast. Theresa Rebeck and [director] Jack O’Brien have created an inspiring and hilarious new play and we are all sad to see Dead Accounts end on Broadway. I look forward to working with this remarkably talented cast and creative team again very soon.”

The play had received mixed to poor reviews.

Los Angeles Times theater critic Charles McNulty wrote: “The paparazzi lying in wait for Katie Holmes, tabloid bait after her getaway divorce from Tom Cruise, may be the ideal group to review her performance in Theresa Rebeck’s “Dead Accounts” at the Music Box Theatre on Broadway...This isn’t to suggest that Holmes’ acting is only skin deep. She’s charming, natural and, yes, about as fresh-faced as a model for a moisturizer. But there’s only so much that can be done with a Rebeck play that has more topical urgency (greed, ethics and banking funny business) than dramatic finesse.”

Holmes had previously appeared on Broadway in a revival of Arthur Miller’s “All My Sons.”


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