Hollywood is hot for slain cocaine godmother Griselda Blanco


Hollywood loves a good crime saga, so it’s little wonder that studios are rumored to be hot for the life story of Griselda Blanco, the infamous female Colombian drug lord who was shot dead in her hometown of Medellín on Monday.

Gunned down by an assassin on a motorcycle (in a style of execution she reportedly perfected) outside of a butcher shop, Blanco lived a life as large as a Corleone and was known as the “Godmother” of cocaine.

According to an obituary in the Miami Herald, “At least three feature films and an HBO series featuring Blanco were in the works at the time of her death.”


The HBO series is based on two documentaries made by Alfred Spellman called “Cocaine Cowboys,” which went a long way toward keeping Blanco’s vicious legend alive.

Mark Walhberg is also reportedly working on a film about her life for Paramount and announced to the press earlier this year that Jennifer Lopez was hoping for a chance to play the part of Blanco.

According to the Daily Beast Wahlberg said in an interview that Blanco was “one of those characters that will go down in history,” and that the role would be Oscar-worthy.

The film may need to be as long at “The Godfather” if it plans to chronicle the 250 murders that she was rumored to have ordered.


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