Oliver Stone
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The cast of Oliver Stone’s “W.”

Oliver Stone
Oliver Stone’s “W,” about current President George W. Bush is expected to begin filming later this month. We’re slowly getting announcements of who’s playing whom in the Bush family and cabinet.

Look through the gallery to see how accurate Stone’s casting is or read more about the production here. (Fernando Vergara / Associated Press)
Josh Brolin
Josh Brolin plays President George W. Bush (Getty Images / Bloomberg News)
Elizabeth Banks
Elizabeth Banks plays Laura Bush (Getty Images / AP)
Ellen Burstyn
Ellen Burstyn plays Barbara Bush (EPA / AP)
Thandie Newton
Thandie Newton plays Condoleeza Rice (AP / AFP)
James Cromwell
James Cromwell plays President George H.W. Bush (Getty Images / AP)
Ioan Gruffudd
Ioan Gruffudd plays Prime Minister Tony Blair (Stefano Paltera / For The Times)