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Cameron Diaz: Career in pictures

Cameron Diaz
The former California model rose to prominence as an actor virtually overnight. She’s been starring in leading and supporting roles, be they comedic, dramatic or everything in between, ever since her acting debut.  (Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times)
1994 | ‘The Mask ‘
At age 21, Cameron Diaz landed her breakout role playing Tina Carlyle, a lounge singer attracted to Jim Carrey’s zany Stanley Ipkiss. The Los Angeles native had been working as an Elite model but had no professional acting experience except for what she did in her high school drama class. (Ricco Torres / New Line Cinema)
1995 | ‘The Last Supper’
Post-"Mask” success, Diaz worked on commercially modest independent films, including the wobbly indie “The Last Supper” playing Jude, a grad student who, with her liberal peers, takes to poisoning right-wing politicians at weekly dinner parties. (Sony Pictures)
1996 | ‘Feeling Minnesota’
Freddie Clayton, Diaz’s on-screen persona, is at the center of a brotherly love triangle between the neglected Jjaks (Keanu Reeves, pictured) and golden boy Sam (Vincent D’Onofrio). It’s a story of violence, murder and familial mayhem. (Darren Michaels)
1996 | ‘Head Above Water’
Diaz plays Nathalie, a judge’s wife, whose life is complicated when her husband (Harvey Keitel, pictured) goes on a fishing trip with his neighbor (Craig Scheffer), who also has eyes for Nathalie. Things get messier when her ex-lover (Billy Zane) drops by during the men’s sea voyage. (Lorey Sebastian)
1997 | ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’
Diaz went back to the mainstream and made America fall in love with her in this classic romantic comedy. She plays Kimberly Wallace, the goody-two-shoes bride of Julia Roberts’ best friend and ex-lover (Dermot Mulroney). (Suzanne Tenner / TriStar Pictures)
1997 | ‘A Life Less Ordinary’
Diaz plays a spoiled rich girl whose father urges her to marry. Unexpected, she’s kidnapped by her father’s janitor (Ewan McGregor, pictured). She goes along for the ride, which turns out to be a cross-country odyssey of guns and bank robbery. (Darren Michaels / 20th Century Fox)
1998 | ‘There’s Something About Mary’
Diaz proved that there’s actually something about Cameron when she took on the role of Mary, the girl-next-door who unwittingly makes men fall madly in love with her. The infamous “hair gel” scene illustrated Diaz’s willingness to engage in brazen physical comedy. (Glenn Watson / 20th Century Fox)
1998 | ‘Very Bad Things’
A bachelor party turns ugly when a prostitute ends up dead in the dark comedy costarring, from left, Jeremy Piven, Christian Slater, Jon Favreau, Leland Orser and Daniel Stern. Diaz plays Favreau’s bridezilla-to-be in the film, which flopped most likely because of its mean-spirited humor. (Robert Zuckerman / Polygram Films)
1999 | ‘The Invisible Circus’
Diaz stars as Faith, a hippie whose fate has her traveling back to the 1970s to investigate the events that lead to her sister’s suicide. The drama, based on the Jennifer Egan novel, costars Camilla Belle (pictured), Jordana Brewster, Christopher Eccleston and Blythe Danner. (Valerie Blier / Fine Line Features)
1999 | ‘Being John Malkovich’
Diaz’s Lotte Schwartz is a frumpy, puppeteer’s wife who enters a portal into actor John Malkovich’s mind. Schwartz learns that she’s attracted to women when she becomes addicted to the portal. She acts on her transgender proclivities and makes out with her husband’s female coworker. (Melissa Moseley / Universal Studios)
1999 | ‘Any Given Sunday’
Diaz plays the owner of a failing football team, led by a broken coach, (Al Pacino, pictured). As the owner, Diaz delivers lines like “No intensity, no victory” and berates Pacino with the quote “Why the hell do you think my father put me in charge, you bullheaded moron?!”  (Robert Zuckerman / Warner Bros.)
2000 | ‘Charlie’s Angels’
The reboot of the 1970s television series has Diaz costarring with Drew Barrymore, right, and Lucy Liu as butt-kicking female detectives whose gadgets and gab keep the action-comedy both male- and female-friendly. The film spawned the 2003 sequel “Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle.” (Darren Michaels / Columbia Pictures)
2001 | ‘Shrek’
The animated film for kids and adults cast Diaz in the plum role of Princess Fiona, a damsel not quite in distress who runs away with Mike Myers’ Shrek the ogre. Diaz fueled Fiona’s strong will in the franchise, which broke from the traditional image of a perfect Disney princess. (DreamWorks Pictures)
2001 | ‘Vanilla Sky’
Diaz plays a model in the Cameron Crowe remake of the 1997 Spanish film costarring Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz. Cruise plays a confident inheritor of an international publishing empire, who is “living the dream,” which includes a casual sexual relationship with Diaz’s model character.  (Neal Preston / Paramount Pictures)
2002 | ‘The Sweetest Thing’
Diaz returned to her comedy expertise in this raunchy buddy flick. She plays a happy-to-flirt-with-you-make-you-fall-for-me-and-never-call-you-again kind of girl. But when she actually falls for someone, she and a friend (Christina Applegate, pictured) take a road trip to track him down. (Suzanne Tenner / Columbia Pictures)
2002 | ‘Gangs of New York’
Martin Scorsese’s period piece pegged Diaz as a con artist and love interest of Leonardo DiCaprio’s character, who goes to New York City seeking revenge against his father’s killer, Bill the Butcher. DiCaprio later learns that Diaz and Bill are romantically involved.  (Mario Tursi / Miramax Films)
2005 | ‘In Her Shoes’
Diaz stars as Toni Collette’s free-spirited sister in this drama based on a novel by Jennifer Weiner. Collette’s Rose (pictured) cuts off ties with her sister when she learns that she fooled around with her ex-boyfriend. All that changes when their long-lost grandmother pops up. (Sidney Baldwin / 20th Century Fox)
2006 | ‘The Holiday’
Diaz and Kate Winslet get into the romantic holiday spirit when their lovelorn characters decide to house-swap in Los Angeles and Surrey for the holidays. Diaz plays a movie trailer editor who travels to Britain and inadvertently falls for her landlord’s dreamy brother (Jude Law). (Columbia Pictures)
2008 | ‘What Happens in Vegas’
Diaz plays a straitlaced woman, whose perfect life would only be completed by the perfect proposal from her perfect boyfriend. Things don’t work out. She heads to Vegas and things get crazy with a new man (Ashton Kutcher, pictured).  (K.C. Bailey / 20th Century Fox)
2009 | ‘My Sister’s Keeper’
Diaz gets serious in the role of a mother struggling to keep her leukemia-stricken child alive at the expense of her other daughter, who was conceived to be a blood and bone marrow donor. Diaz plays against type in the Nick Cassavetes-helmed drama. (New Line Cinema)
2009 | ‘The Box’
Diaz and James Marsden play financially strapped yuppie couple who get a box dropped off on their porch. Inside it is another box with a button that they have 24 hours to press. If they do, they get a million bucks. Only thing is, someone they don’t know will die.  (Dale Robinette / Warner Bros.)
2010 | ‘Knight and Day’
Diaz reunites with “Vanilla Sky” costar Tom Cruise in this romantic thriller. Diaz plays June Havens, a hapless and wide-eyed car restoration junkie who happens to be on a flight with Roy Miller, Cruise’s rogue assassin character. Adventure ensues.  (20th Century Fox / MCT)
2011 | ‘The Green Hornet’
Diaz is primed to play a leggy lady in the superhero flick starring Seth Rogen. But the film flopped, taking in only about $98.7 million worldwide, as did Diaz’s Lenore Case, a swooned-after secretary whom Times film critic Kenneth Turan described as “beleaguered” and “a bore.” (Columbia Pictures)
2011 | ‘Bad Teacher’
Diaz plays a sharp-tongued, above-it-all teacher who hates her students in this comedy. But when her character has to whip her class into shape to earn a hefty bonus and impress a new colleague, she sings a different tune. Jason Segel and her ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake costar. (Gemma LaMana)
2012 | ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’
In this romantic comedy, five interconnected couples find out what it really means to have a baby, and learn that life is full of surprises -- no matter how much one plans ahead. Diaz gets paired up with Matthew Morrison, pictured, in the pregnancy tale.  (Melissa Moseley / Lionsgate)
2013 | ‘The Counselor
A lawyer played by Michael Fassbender gets in over his head with a drug deal in Mexico. The film explores themes of greed and death with an all-star cast, that includes Penelope Cruz, Brad Pitt and Javier Bardem, pictured.  (Kerry Brown / 20th Century Fox)
2014 | ‘The Other Woman’
Diaz plays a woman seeking revenge against her boyfriend (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) after discovering he has a wife (Leslie Mann), right, and a girlfriend (Kate Upton) in this female empowerment story.  (Barry Wetcher / AP)
2014 | ‘Sex Tape’
Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel play a married couple who stop at nothing to find a sex tape they created the night before that’s suddenly gone missing.  (Claire Folger / Sony Pictures)
2014 | ‘Annie’
In the modern remake of “Annie,” Diaz plays the cranky nanny of the little girl, played by Quvenzhané Wallis. Annie’s life changes when a mayoral candidate played by Jamie Foxx launches s a campaign to take her in. Here Diaz is photographed on the set in New York City.  (Alessio Botticelli / FilmMagic/Getty Images)