Review: Low-budget action flick ‘Black Site Delta’ is DOA

Cam Gigandet, left, and Teri Reeves in the action film "Black Site Delta."
(XLrator Media)

Where’s Dolph Lundgren when you need him?

The aging action figure likely would have found himself right at home in “Black Site Delta,” a slab of D-grade, B-movie nonsense set in a maximum security military prison that serves as a cover for a secret drone control operation.

Following a violent bar altercation, a despondent war vet (Cam Gigandet) awakens to find himself locked up in a cell surrounded by group of standard-issue bad-asses and kept in the dark as to the reason for the group incarceration (although, if hammy acting were a crime, they’d all deserve life sentences).

Turns out they’re doing time in a black site prison for “special cases,” but while the general public has no knowledge of its existence, terrorists are well aware of the drone command center hidden within the building and have plans to take out a major U.S. city unless the assembled dirty half-dozen manage to save the day.


While a lot of gunfire ensues, Jesse Gustafson’s mechanical direction and Guy Stevenson’s cut-and-paste script shoot laughably hollow blanks (sample dialogue: “If war is business, then come with me and own the company!”) .

Filmed extensively in a single Mississippi location, the low-budget production carries the musty remainder-bin whiff of something Lundgren would have signed up for a couple of decades ago, quite likely to considerably more entertaining effect.


‘Black Site Delta’

Not rated

Running time: 1 hour, 27 minutes

Playing: Arena Cinelounge Sunset, Hollywood

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